Monday, October 18, 2010

Preparation is key

I know I have a crazy week ahead of me - it's our biggest weekend event at work. Tonight I was at work until 6:00 and missed my walk. I did come straight home and cook a meal of sweet potatoes, sauteed kale and veggie hot dogs. YUM!

Knowing I'm not going to feel like cooking this week, I went out to Kroger and bought ten healthy frozen meals - mostly Amy's whole meals (which were on sale this week at Kroger). I plan to take 5 to work and leave 5 at home. I don't plan to eat all 10 in a week, but it gives me great grab and go options. I can pair it with some steamed veggies and viola, a healthy meal!

My other preparation attack for my busy week will be to take my work out clothes and tennis shoes to work tomorrow so I can walk directly after work before it gets dark, hopefully I won't stay as late, but if I have to then I will be prepared!

With a little preparation, you can have a better week.


Unknown said...

Hang in there!

whoatemyblog said...

Nice... Always be Prepared

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