Friday, October 15, 2010

I've been a bad, bad blogger

Obviously I haven't posted in like years, but I've been busy. Starting last weekend I have plans for every weekend well through the end of November. Sigh. Being this busy makes motivation a kettle on a back burner for me. When motivation is down, eating right and exercise just don't get enough attention.

This week has been hard. I was out of my element dogsitting this week and today I am headed to St. Louis. Eating wise I haven't done horrible 'cept that burger and fries I consumed at lunch yesterday.

Did you know a regular cheeseburger and regular fries at Five Guys is over 1,300 calories!!! Outrageous! I looked at the nutrition content before heading there with a friend for lunch and opted for the little burger (no cheese or mayo) and half an order of fries. This cut the calories to 790. Still horrible, but I am learning.

Just did a little walking this week Tues-Thurs with the doggies. Yesterday I took an extra 20 minutes after exercising the pups to do another lap around the 'hood. It was cold out, but felt good.

Next week, I need to focus on getting back to my regular exercise schedule and hit Carb Lover's a little more stricter. I haven't weighed myself all week, so I have no idea where I stand.


Stephen said...

Get warmed up this week for half marathon training. My training is starting this week. :)
Mon 3, Tues 3, Wed 3, Thur 3, and Fri 4 miles.

It's gonna be an awesome race!! We rock!

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