Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carb Lover's - Day 7

I had the most perfect walk today. It was only in the high 50s around noon today and it felt great! It was my first real walk of fall with hoodie and all. The weather combined with a lucky and amazing Pandora playlist from the Justin Timberlake station put me at a good clip consistently for an hour. I really wish I had a GPS watch to measure distance and speed, but my feeling is that I did about 3 miles.

I went the same direction on the greenway as when I was recovering from my back pain. I went about a mile further in just 10 minutes longer time. If all of my walks made me feel this great then I would want to get out and walk more!!

I completed day 7 of the kickstart plan of Carb Lover's today. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and post the official amount I've lost the first 7 days. I will also post my thoughts on the plan and some and share some tips I think will be helpful to anyone considering using this plan as their means for a lifestyle change.

What I ate:
B: Fiber one carmel delight w/1% milk
L: Shrimp stir-fry with ginger
S1&2: corn tortilla filled with almond butter and chocolate chips (warmed) and baked lays
D: Skillet salmon and Parmesan potatoes

Calorie count: 1,678

How I feel:
1,600 calories seems to be my sweet spot. I definitely couldn't sustain 1,200 and have been more mindful about getting in snacks and eating larger portions during meals. I was able to do a to do a lot of activity today without feeling hungry or tired. Truthfully, I am beat now and didn't have the energy to go to the grocery store, but I really got a lot accomplished today.

Weigh in tomorrow!