Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weigh in - Week 21 and another ankle sprain

I am a klutz. There's no way around it. I constantly trip over my own two feet, knock things over, fall and just all around am awkward. I also have weak ankles. I was blessed (insert sarcasm) with parents who have thin, long bird legs. I have very thin ankles for my size and sometimes I think that means my ankles struggle to keep me upright, as example tonight when my ankle rolled walking down a sidewalk in Downtown. I wasn't doing anything weird, or horseplaying. Just walking. I wasn't drunk - it was 6 pm - and I had only had one drink. I hit a an uneven brick just right and BAM my ankle snapped to the right.

The aftermath

The unfortunate part is I had plans to see a show at the Ryman with a group of friends. I was in a lot of pain and moving slowly and decided it was best for me to go home and elevate and ice it. It is better this morning, but still sore. I'm not sure how this will affect my half-marathon training, as I'll probably need to take a couple weeks off to begin to heal.

Enough Debbie Downer, on with the weigh-in!

Last week's weight - 308.6
Today's weight - 303.2

Total weight LOST- 5.4 pounds

28.2 pounds lost since June 2010

I finally broke through my pogo plateau and was able to shed over 5 pounds this week. I watched my food carefully, walked about 10 miles and took a water aerobics class.

One of the victories of this week is that I was able to enjoy a bit of alcohol consumption. I had a wonderful glass of red wine with dinner Friday night and a few drinks at the Halloween party that night. I also had a Sazerac at this Whiskey bar last night (the only drink I had of the evening.)

Not sure what today holds, friends from DC are in town. They may go hiking, but I hope some pre or post hangs are in order since I won't be able to hike.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ode to gluten free pizza

The last time I was at my favorite pizza chain in town, Mellow Mushroom, I noticed they had gluten free pizza crust. Intrigued I made a note to try it on my next visit - tonight that came to fruition.

GF Crust Ingredients:
Bean, rice and tapioca flour, starch, yeast and egg.

I'm not 100% sure this is Carb Lover's friendly, but given the choice between this and hand-tossed, greasy, white flour crust, I think it's at least a slight improvement.

I ordered the Mega Veggie with mounds of olives, tomatoes, onions, peppers, broccoli, artichokes and tofu. I substituted daiya dairy-free cheese for the feta.

Can you say, "freaking, absolutely delicious?!" I ate half of a 12" - I. just. couldn't. stop. eating. it. The crust was thin and crispy, but surprisingly flavorful. And the non-dairy cheese? ZOMG - soooooooo creamy, like better than regular mozzarella. The veggies were also super fresh and crunchy.

I have no idea how many calories were in this, but I did find that Uno's Chicago Pizza Grill has a similar item, and I calculated half of one of theirs to be 480 calories and I added approximately 1/4 cup of tofu for a grand total of 530 cals for half a 12" pizza. Not bad, even if I underestimated a bit, because I set aside 1,000 cals for dinner tonight not knowing what the options would be for me at this place.

The best part is my friends let me take the leftovers home for lunch tomorrow - now that's what I call friends!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bouncing around - Weigh in - Week 20

Last week's weight - 307.6
Today's weight - 308.6

Total weight GAINED - 1 pound

22.8 pounds lost since June 2010

Earlier in the week, I was down in the 305 range, but I allowed myself to be lazy with my eating over the weekend. I worked 8-6 Friday and 12-7:30 yesterday and I was on my feet so I used being tired as an excuse to eat fried rice on Friday and Taco Bell yesterday. So lots of sodium was taken in this weekend. Hopefully that's what the gain is from as my calorie counts were just slightly over my goal.

The regrettable part is that while I was working yesterday I resisted pizza AND fried chicken, but when I got home I decided to go out and get Taco Bell. And instead of just getting one burrito, I ate too much and felt sick afterward.

I've been doing this negative behavior the last few weeks where I'll do fine Monday - Friday, but as soon as Friday night hits I "don't care" what I eat. This will change this next weekend. I am just over 8 pounds away from my first goal and It would be wonderful to reach it before the holidays.

Heading out for a 4 mile walk (even on my sore and blistered feet) and maybe to the Farmer's Market later.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why you should stop making excuses

After a long day at work, and walking probably about 5 miles, I crashed at 8 pm. Now, I have a serious 3 AM insomnia problem. I have a lot on my mind, so I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute (or two) here.

I have a lot of pet peeves. I'm just an easily irritable person. This is one of my faults. However, I have made a conscience effort to work on my irritability the last couple years, but one thing that will continue to grind my nerves is when people make excuses for not doing something or making a change in their life. On everything from an unsatisfying job, to low self-confidence to weight loss/building a healthy lifestyle, if you have a problem, no one is going to fix it for you, so fix it yourself.

I guess I was lucky that my mother and father raised me if I wanted something (tangible or intangible) then I should go out and earn it - with hard work. So, I don't take excuses from people well. I'm a problem solver by nature and I'll always have an answer to your excuse.

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with excuse making is only giving 50% of yourself to a goal. To me, it's all about being honest with yourself. Your sub conscience is the easiest person to lie to. Sure, it's really tempting to fudge a little when you enter your portions of what you ate in your food journal/calorie count, but who is that benefiting? You? It's not, because if you fudge, you know deep down how much you ate and a few extra bites at each meal that you aren't recording adds up and could hinder the scale. No one else probably even looks at your food journal, so you aren't protecting yourself from anything in the long run.

In turn, if you're honest and, even if you slip up, write down every bite at the correct portion size you will begin to learn the REAL nutritional information in what you are eating. So chances are, before you have that second helping of rice you'll think about having to enter it into your food journal and may choose to not go back for seconds if you aren't really hungry.

The same idea works in exercise and workouts. You know how hard you are pushing yourself. You know if you are walking as fast as you can to get your heart rate up or if you are just going through the motions. If you aren't going to give 100% to your work outs then whats the point? That's wasted time in my eyes. I am not saying every workout is going to be at the same intensity each and every time. Of course, you are going to have good days and bad days, but if you can honestly tell yourself that you are pushing as hard as you can and cannot push anymore, then you are working to your full potential.

If you haven't heard, I've committed to walking another half-marathon in February. This will be my second half-marathon. More thoughts on this to come.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I beat a Italian restaurant

I have a huge problem with making a lifestyle change to where you don't get to enjoy the things that you just plain enjoy - like going out to eat with friends. I know all the experts say mealtime shouldn't be social time, but too bad I enjoy having a meal with friends and eating out.

So, when my co-workers planned to go to lunch to celebrate another co-worker's new position (promotion) in another department, I, of course, wanted to partake.

The restaurant was Amerigo - a new world Italian bistro. "Uh oh, what's the chance they'll have Carb Lover's options," I thought to myself.

The night before I perused the lunch menu and narrowed it down to a salad choice, entree with fish or a grilled chicken option. Doing this allowed me to wait and see what I felt like eating for lunch that day before making a decision, leaving me more satisfied with my meal.

When we got to the restaurant I avoided the bread. It was non-Carb Lover's friendly white bread served alongside olive oil (my favorite combination). Sure, one piece wouldn't have been too bad, but I know one piece would have led to another and then another and before you know it I would have eaten a whole loaf.

I ordered the Chicken Acuto - Flame grilled chicken breast over black bean salsa with grilled Roman artichokes and green beans. Topped with a spicy sauce of olive oil, cilantro, lemon juice and seasoning.

Putting the ingredients into Sparkpeople, my lunch calculated under 500 calories. I'm considering this a victory. I realize it is just one meal and only one time I was able to resist the bread basket, but I feel like my portions and binging have been really under control (sans this past weekend) the last several months and every time I am able to do this out at a restaurant it reminds me it IS possible.

Again, preparation is key. Would I have been able to make a smart choice had I not looked through the menu before hand? Most likely not!

***Side note: in the midst of ordering I did find a note on the menu that they can substitute whole wheat pasta in most of their dishes - good to know for next time!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Preparation is key

I know I have a crazy week ahead of me - it's our biggest weekend event at work. Tonight I was at work until 6:00 and missed my walk. I did come straight home and cook a meal of sweet potatoes, sauteed kale and veggie hot dogs. YUM!

Knowing I'm not going to feel like cooking this week, I went out to Kroger and bought ten healthy frozen meals - mostly Amy's whole meals (which were on sale this week at Kroger). I plan to take 5 to work and leave 5 at home. I don't plan to eat all 10 in a week, but it gives me great grab and go options. I can pair it with some steamed veggies and viola, a healthy meal!

My other preparation attack for my busy week will be to take my work out clothes and tennis shoes to work tomorrow so I can walk directly after work before it gets dark, hopefully I won't stay as late, but if I have to then I will be prepared!

With a little preparation, you can have a better week.

Weigh in - Week 19

Last week's weight - 306.8
Today's weight - 307.6

Total weight GAINED - 0.8 pounds

23.8 pounds lost since June 2010

So I've been jumping around on the scale for the last several weeks. I haven't been very strict with what I'm eating so of course I will plan to go back to being stricter on following Carb Lover's and with my calorie intake.

Busy week at work. Hopefully I can do a full post tonight.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I've been a bad, bad blogger

Obviously I haven't posted in like years, but I've been busy. Starting last weekend I have plans for every weekend well through the end of November. Sigh. Being this busy makes motivation a kettle on a back burner for me. When motivation is down, eating right and exercise just don't get enough attention.

This week has been hard. I was out of my element dogsitting this week and today I am headed to St. Louis. Eating wise I haven't done horrible 'cept that burger and fries I consumed at lunch yesterday.

Did you know a regular cheeseburger and regular fries at Five Guys is over 1,300 calories!!! Outrageous! I looked at the nutrition content before heading there with a friend for lunch and opted for the little burger (no cheese or mayo) and half an order of fries. This cut the calories to 790. Still horrible, but I am learning.

Just did a little walking this week Tues-Thurs with the doggies. Yesterday I took an extra 20 minutes after exercising the pups to do another lap around the 'hood. It was cold out, but felt good.

Next week, I need to focus on getting back to my regular exercise schedule and hit Carb Lover's a little more stricter. I haven't weighed myself all week, so I have no idea where I stand.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weigh in - week 18 - Carb Lover's week 2

Last week's weight - 307.6
Today's weight - 306.8

Total weight lost - 0.8 pounds

24.6 pounds lost since June 2010

I know I was MIA last week. I just had a lot going on and it was a busy weekend. I'm back this week and ready to be in full swing.

I admittedly didn't post my weigh in on purpose yesterday because I had a few too many beers (7 - spread out over the whole day) Saturday and I was bloated. I weighed in at around 310 yesterday morning. This morning I was back to my normal expected weight of around 306.

This second-in-just-three-weeks morning-after beer weight gain has taught me I just can't drink beer. Even light beer, which is what I was drinking, makes me bloated. I will have to stick with vodka and a no-calorie mixer when I want to have a bit of alcohol from time-to-time.

I also did not follow Carb Lover's very strictly last week. C'est la vie, right? I got pretty much back on track yesterday (except for the sushi I had with white rice last night).

I'll be housesitting for a friend this week and she has a great neighborhood to walk in and with two dogs to walk I hope to get in plenty of exercise.

Happy Monday y'all!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Final weigh in for Carb Lover's kickstart week

Starting weight (9/27) - 313.6
Today's weight - 307.6

Total weight lost - 6 pounds

23.8 pounds lost since June 2010

Well, I did as the Carb Lover's editors promised....I lost 6 pounds in 7 days! And I am now just about 7.5 pounds from my goal of being under 300 and losing 30 pounds by the end of 2010. My aspirational goal is to hit this milestone before Thanksgiving!

This is just a quick update to post my final results. Look for Part 2 tonight where I talk more about my feelings on the Carb Lover's plan and post some tips I figured out along the way.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carb Lover's - Day 7

I had the most perfect walk today. It was only in the high 50s around noon today and it felt great! It was my first real walk of fall with hoodie and all. The weather combined with a lucky and amazing Pandora playlist from the Justin Timberlake station put me at a good clip consistently for an hour. I really wish I had a GPS watch to measure distance and speed, but my feeling is that I did about 3 miles.

I went the same direction on the greenway as when I was recovering from my back pain. I went about a mile further in just 10 minutes longer time. If all of my walks made me feel this great then I would want to get out and walk more!!

I completed day 7 of the kickstart plan of Carb Lover's today. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and post the official amount I've lost the first 7 days. I will also post my thoughts on the plan and some and share some tips I think will be helpful to anyone considering using this plan as their means for a lifestyle change.

What I ate:
B: Fiber one carmel delight w/1% milk
L: Shrimp stir-fry with ginger
S1&2: corn tortilla filled with almond butter and chocolate chips (warmed) and baked lays
D: Skillet salmon and Parmesan potatoes

Calorie count: 1,678

How I feel:
1,600 calories seems to be my sweet spot. I definitely couldn't sustain 1,200 and have been more mindful about getting in snacks and eating larger portions during meals. I was able to do a to do a lot of activity today without feeling hungry or tired. Truthfully, I am beat now and didn't have the energy to go to the grocery store, but I really got a lot accomplished today.

Weigh in tomorrow!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Banana Pudding Festival and a NSV

A couple friends and I headed out the inaugural National Banana Pudding Festival this morning in Centerville, TN. The website promised sampling "the best" banana pudding around. The three of us shared the eight 2oz samples offered on the Puddin' Path.

I did end up taking tiny bites of each sample (and a few second tiny bites of few of them). All in all I probably didn't eat more than a 2oz cup, and that is probably a generous estimation considering there was a 1/3 of our samples left.

They had actual banana trees along the Puddin' Path and decorating outside!

The Puddin' Path was decorated in greenery and banana trees.

Samples 1-4

Samples 5-8

The aftermath.

After all the pudding-ness (and a quick stop by the local quilt show) we headed on our way back to Nashville and to find some lunch. We ended up at a little Mexican restaurant. I stayed Carb Lover's strong and ordered a meal of two chicken tacos with corn tortillas, no cheese and beans on the side. I did also allow myself to have 5 tortilla chips and guacamole. Spark People estimates my lunch at around 490 calories and I am happy with that. My friend nominated our day out as another non-scale victory (NSV) and I'm accepting it!

What I ate:
B: Fiber One Carmel delight w/1% milk
L: 2 chicken tacos with corn tortillas, lettuce & tomatoes, 1/4 cup refried beans, guacamole and chips
S1: apple
D: Shrimp stir-fry with ginger
S2: Frozen yogurt (no-sugar strawberry and original tart)

Calorie count: 1,604

How I feel:
I woke up with a good amount of energy. But later I felt a bit sick to my stomach, it may have been all the time in the car on windy roads though. All in all I feel good. And I am proud it was effortless for me to keep on plan today.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Carb Lover's - Day 5

Today has been a rough day energy and food-wise. I took an early lunch to run some errands. After eating the trail mix snack I headed out and thought, "why not walk?" So I walked about a quarter mile to the eye doctor to pick out my new glasses and then walked from there over to the medical center, which by my estimate is about a mile. Then, it was a 15 minute walk back to my office.

By time I got back to my office, two hours after my snack, I was STARVING. I ate some left over chicken pasta primavera. About an hour later I was still hungry and actually feeling a little dizzy and light headed. With no extra snacks on hand I had $1 in cash and headed to the vending machine. The baked chips were my first choice but they were $1.25 and I literally had $1.15 in cash. So I got the "whole grain" Lance's crackers with cheese. They were a bit salty, but they did the trick. I have no idea if these are Carb Lover's approved. They are a little high in calories and fat, but they had a few grams of fiber and 9g of whole grains.

I was tired all afternoon, but the crackers held me over until after my water aerobics class. I snacked on some strawberries on the way home since I had to stop by the grocery store to get some lean ground beef.

Now it's 8 pm and I really could just go to bed. After I get this laundry done and bathroom cleaned, I just may do that.

What I ate today:
B: Nature's Own whole grain sandwich thin w/1 T almond butter and a banana
S1: Trail mix (cornflakes, dried cherries and almonds)
L: Chicken Past Primavera
S2: Lance's Whole Grain crackers w/cheese
S3: 10 strawberries
D: 4oz 96% lean ground beef on Nature's Own whole grain sandwich thin topped with mustard, spinach and onions. Served with side salad and 1/2 a baked potato with salsa

Calorie count: 1,719

How I feel:
Tired, tired, tired.