Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Banana Pudding Festival and a NSV

A couple friends and I headed out the inaugural National Banana Pudding Festival this morning in Centerville, TN. The website promised sampling "the best" banana pudding around. The three of us shared the eight 2oz samples offered on the Puddin' Path.

I did end up taking tiny bites of each sample (and a few second tiny bites of few of them). All in all I probably didn't eat more than a 2oz cup, and that is probably a generous estimation considering there was a 1/3 of our samples left.

They had actual banana trees along the Puddin' Path and decorating outside!

The Puddin' Path was decorated in greenery and banana trees.

Samples 1-4

Samples 5-8

The aftermath.

After all the pudding-ness (and a quick stop by the local quilt show) we headed on our way back to Nashville and to find some lunch. We ended up at a little Mexican restaurant. I stayed Carb Lover's strong and ordered a meal of two chicken tacos with corn tortillas, no cheese and beans on the side. I did also allow myself to have 5 tortilla chips and guacamole. Spark People estimates my lunch at around 490 calories and I am happy with that. My friend nominated our day out as another non-scale victory (NSV) and I'm accepting it!

What I ate:
B: Fiber One Carmel delight w/1% milk
L: 2 chicken tacos with corn tortillas, lettuce & tomatoes, 1/4 cup refried beans, guacamole and chips
S1: apple
D: Shrimp stir-fry with ginger
S2: Frozen yogurt (no-sugar strawberry and original tart)

Calorie count: 1,604

How I feel:
I woke up with a good amount of energy. But later I felt a bit sick to my stomach, it may have been all the time in the car on windy roads though. All in all I feel good. And I am proud it was effortless for me to keep on plan today.


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