Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weigh in - 4.8 lbs lost and a #5Kin100days update

Last Week's Weight - 259.8

This Week's Weight - 255.0

4.8 pounds LOST

74.4 pounds lost since June 2010

I'm very content in being back to my pre-vacation weight (less 0.8 lbs). It only took me a week and while I haven't been tracking my food, and a few unsavory things slipped in this week, I have been eating consciously though not totally on plan.

I had 5 days of great workouts this week. I did all my 5Kin100days runs and 2 days of bootcamp. Now that bootcamp is over, I have to find a way to recreate the burn I got from that class at least once a week.

I had two milestones during my runs this week. 1) I ran for 10 minutes straight during a my second session. And 2) I was able to complete all SIX of my 5 minute intervals yesterday on a hillier than normal course (hello, Mt. Crumpet), officially completing a "more running than walking" session. I can't believe we're on week 10 already!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bye-bye vacation gain


That's the number the scale said this morning. Only 0.4 lbs to get back to my pre-gain weight. In less than 3 days! I pretty much feel like a rockstar right now.

I've been eating consciously, cooking healthy meals at home and I went to bootcamp Monday and walked/ran 3 miles yesterday.

I know the mighty know-it-all "professionals" say not to weigh yourself every day, but I generally do. It's a great daily reminder to be conscious of what goes in my body and to get to the gym every day; however, if there is a slight uptick on the scale one day, I don't let it get my head all crazy. It's what works for me. I'm a big proponent of doing what works for you.

Tonight is my last bootcamp class. My abs are still sore from Monday. We'll see how this goes.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weigh in - a day late and a gain

Last Week's Weight - 255.8

This Week's Weight - 259.8

4 pounds GAINED

69.6 pounds lost since June 2010

I knew I was doing it - gaining - and I didn't do a damn thing about it. Honestly, if I listed out all of the sinful things I've eaten over the last 10 days, you'd be saying the same thing I am in my head, "how did you not gain more?"

Of course I'm mad at myself. I still have a hard time when I get out of my routine (visiting family) and staying on the wagon.

But I can't really dwell on it now. I just have to prepare myself to do better next time. This part of my weight loss (gaining when I go "home") has been a large hurdle of my weight loss.

I got two runs in while I was gone and both were so, so, SO hot. It was 100+ degrees for 3-4 days while I was in Missouri.

This week is my last week of bootcamp. I haven't talked a lot about it, but I will write a full post about it later this week. After bootcamp ends, I'm going to focus on 5Kin100days and building strength for Warrior Dash September 17th.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New (to me) Bike!

After seeing my picture of my bike adventure in Colorado, my aunt offered up one of her two bikes she had stored in her garage. She didn't use them and had no plans to ride the bikes. So yesterday I picked up my new ride - a Schwinn Cruiser Supreme.

It's a little dusty and needs some TLC, but I think once I get it fixed up and maybe some new tires it will be as good as new! It's in great shape. From what I can tell the breaks work great and there are no rust spots on it. I'm not sure how old it is, but I'd guess it's from the 90s. Almost vintage ;)

I can't wait to get it back to Nashville and fixed up to ride!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weigh in - short edition

Last Week's Weight - 259.2

This Week's Weight - 255.8

3.4 pounds LOST

73.6 pounds lost since June 2010

A short post today since I'm still on assisting duties at my sister's house. Have a great Sunday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I do this

Today, I'll leave Nashville and head west to St. Louis to meet my new baby niece! My sister had her on Wednesday so when I get her in my arms tonight she'll be just 2 days old. <3

Zoe Drew - 6 lbs 13 oz, 21.5 inches long

When I first started on a path to lose weight back in 2008, I enrolled in a 4-month long weight management class. There was a lot of focus during our weekly sessions surrounding "why" we wanted to lose weight. The psychologist who worked with the group pushed us to give reasons more than "I want to be skinny/look good."

My #1 reason at the time, and still is, my niece - who was just 8 months old at the time. I wanted to be the fun aunt, the active aunt. The aunt that could run, chase, play on the floor and have fun with my niece, and eventually my own children.

My niece Madelyn. Now 3 1/2 years old and a proud big sister.

There are other reasons, of course, but those two little girls are one of the main reasons I've been successful in improving my health over the last 2 1/2 years. I haven't always been as focused, but I'd like to think I've had some success in living up to my promise to be the fun, active aunt.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everything happens for a reason

I know I said I was going to write a Fitbloggin' local Nashville recap but these lovely ladies already did it so I will just link you to theirs - Skinny Emmie and Tippy Toe Diet. I just want to reiterate their sentiments about it being a very laid back group, most of us who just met, but felt like we were are old friends. I hope for those of us in Nashville can continue to do monthly meet-ups, even if it's just to walk, share a meal or whatever!

So, I originally wrote this post to share with you something that I noticed/happened on Monday.

I'm a big believer that all things in life happen for a reason and there are subtle signs that guide you to make the right choice. I know it sounds cheesy - even to me as I write this here in this space, but case in point how I tend to follow my gut and/or signs:

After only eating 280 calories for lunch Monday, I was still hungry an hour later. 280 calories is a far cry from my 400-500 normal lunch intake.

At midday, I was also about 200 calories from where I should be at this time of the day so in my sick little mind this meant I could work in a candy bar from the vending machine and still come in at my 1650 calorie goal for the day.

How many times have I rationalized eating something less than healthy because I have calories "left over"? Thousands.

So I pulled out my $1.25 in cash and headed down to the machine. "a Twix," I thought, "This way I can eat 1 piece before my meeting and 1 after." Walking up to the machine, I notice all the prices have gone up by $0.10. Most items (even the "healthy" animal crackers) are now $1.35. I only brought my $1.25. I stood there for many seconds scanning the machine to see if my $1.25 could buy anything in the machine, desperate for my candy bar fix. Short of a 5 piece pack of gum or some peanut butter crackers, there wasn't.

Sure, I had a dime in my desk I could have grabbed and went back to get my Twix bar, but I took this as an omen that I know I really don't NEED a candy bar even if I DO have 200+ calories to "spare". So I took it as a sign that I shouldn't have the candy bar and went back to my desk.

I often do this. I eat something less than healthy just something just because I "have the calories". I've been conscious about what's gone in my body this week. I'm still getting over my sweet/salty cravings, but I think this week has been light years better over the last several weeks as far as keeping my calorie intake down.

All I can do is be honest with myself about making good choices at each meal and hope that they add up to pounds lost.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reflections and Reaching for the Sky

Taking a page out of Skinny Emmie's book. I am taking a look back on the last 6.5 months and reflect on all I've accomplished and the things I've experienced.

I've lost 36.2 pounds since January, but I've done so much more than chip away at my extra weight.

10 things I'm really proud of from the first half of 2011:

1. Attended my first spin class

2. Finished my 2nd half-marathon and improved my time by 43 minutes from my 1st half in 2009.

3. I have learned to not make excuses.

4. Signed up for my 3rd half-marathon.

5. Earned a new position within my organization.

6. Went fast food free for 90 days.

7. Began jogging.

8. Re-purposed my old too-big-for-me favorite dress.

9. Rode a bike for the first time since childhood.

10. Faced my fears and went outside of my comfort zone.

Of course there have been some not-so-great things about the first half of 2011 too: not reaching my July goal and realizing the end of a relationship. But, all-in-all if only 2 sucky things happened in the first half of 2011 and 10 awesome things happened, how can I complain? All I can do is move on and make the rest of 2011 even better.

Some things I want to do in the 2nd half of 2011:

1. Run a 5K (Aiming for Oct. 8, 2011)

2. Complete Warrior Dash (September 17, 2011)

3. Lose 30 lbs - I'm throwing this one in there because I'd really like to be down to the 220s for my next half in January; hoping to improve my speed to complete the race within the 3 hour time limit.

I'm so thankful my body is strong and I can condition it to do these amazing things. Not to mention being beyond grateful for the support of all of my friends, family and fellow bloggers!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sometimes I am guilty of being too modest about my weight loss. I focus too much on where I "need" to be (70 more lbs) or "want" to be (healthier, stronger) to enjoy how far I've come.

In 13 months I've lost 22% of my body weight. That's 70 pounds.

I need to remember that next time I don't feel like I am making progress or I am too modest to tell someone the *real* amount of weight I've lost.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weigh in - officially in 250s

Last Week's Weight - 260.0

This Week's Weight - 259.2

0.8 pounds LOST

70.2 pounds lost since June 2010

Perhaps there is something to be said about dancing and jumping around at a concert because my weigh in was better than expected this morning.

Another not so perfect week, but the scale is still moving in the right direction. Although they have been small losses each week, this is my 6th straight weekly loss. In my book I would rather have it this way instead of losing big one week then gaining the next.

My slow losses are adding up to multiple pounds lost and I am OK with that.

If I can get my rear in gear I could go back to 1-2 lbs losses, I know I can. I just seem to like french fries and doughnuts a lot lately.

Also, a 70 lb loss milestone was hit today and that feels pretty good.

Yesterday was Fitbloggin' Nashville. It was awesome to hang out with several inspiring peeps and it reset my focus a bit. I'll do a recap tonight.

I also put a link at the top of my blog with a schedule of races I intend on participating in during the next 6 months.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I'm singin'

It's the weekend! It's the weekend! (C'mon sing it with me)

The short week brought Friday to us a little sooner and here are two reasons why I'm singing today:

#1 - My Fitbit arrived yesterday! If you weren't paying attention, I won the giveaway Skinny Emmie hosted last week! I set it up last night and I am wearing it today! I'd take a pic, but since it's secretly placed on my bra (right smack between the goods), you all will have to wait till I wear it in a less risque spot. I have to remember I have co-workers and to not randomly stick my hand down my shirt to check my stats.

#2 - Tomorrow is the official Fitbloggin' meetup in Nashville! Several awesome people are driving in for it from up to 4 hours away and I can't wait to hang with all my fitness and health conscious peeps tomorrow! I hope I don't drown in sweat during the run/walk tomorrow morning and scare everyone off with my ability to fill a child's swimming pool with my ability to sweat. Anyway, it should be fun. And if you are in the area and haven't decided to come yet, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New blogger alert

My dear friend Miss Lynn has started her own blog project 40 miles before 40 to document her journey to complete 40 race miles before her 40th birthday on August 1, 2012. Please visit her blog, offer encouragement and follow along to watch an inspirational journey.

Miss Lynn, far right.

What a weight loss blogger should not eat: Hot Chicken Edition

I'm a foodie at heart. I love seeking out culinary adventures and more often then not these are not adventures of the healthful kind. Enter "What a weight loss blogger should not eat" and how I celebrated our country's Independence.

When I knew I'd be in Nashville over 4th of July, I knew one thing - I'd be attending the city's Hot Chicken Festival.

If you've never heard of Hot Chicken, then you probably aren't alone. I'm not sure anyone outside of the South (or Nashville?) does chicken quite as the likes of Prince's or Bolton's does. If you've never heard of it, I suggest you take a moment to watch this.

Basically what Hot Chicken comes down to is breaded and fried chicken doused in a blend of fiery, hot spices served over a piece of white bread (and there better be pickles on the side in my book).

The weather was hot and steamy, but seeing as it was under 100 degrees out I knew I could handle a few hours in the high-noon sun to try this Nashville culinary tradition. Touting half a dozen chicken vendors, there was a little something for everyone including hot drumsticks, whole chicken pieces, fried fish and breaded chicken tenders. Little did I know I'd spend an hour in line to get my hands on this culinary delight.

Starting at the back of the line. Target - the white tent ahead.

We arrived right at lunch time - seems like most people had this idea as every. single. vendor. had a line rivaled by those at a Disney theme park. We actually lapped the park in the car wondering if we could just head over to one of the vendor's storefronts to get our Hot Chicken fix. Our deciding factor to wait out the crowds? A prime parking spot.

After a lap around the front of each vendor's line to survey the offerings, we decided on Pepperfire Hot Chicken. Their offering was simple; breaded chicken tenders doused in sauce with a side of white bread and pickles. No extras, no frills. Points on the boneless option (for KG) and a shorter line than some of the name brand vendors.

Finally to the front of the line.

I chose "Xtra Hot". When in Rome, right?

Once we had our chicken in hand we found a shady space to sit and enjoy. I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect. I love hot wings and spicy food in general, but this is a whole new game. Hot wings are not even in the same realm as Hot Chicken. As we stood in line, you could taste the hot pepper seasonings in the air.

Let the games begin.

The first bite was delicious. The quality of chicken from Pepperfire's was outstanding - juicy white meat chicken and the breading on the outside was perfectly crisp and salty. The first kick of spice was a pleasant surprise.

The insides. Spicy goodness all the way through.

But was it good you ask? I give a wholehearted YES! But with a disclaimer, it BURNS your insides. By time I finished my first piece everything was burning. My lips, tongue, mouth, throat and stomach. But it wasn't as if I couldn't TASTE the food. I just had to take my time between bites to let the burning subside. Halfway through my meal I had to go out for reinforcements - our water supply was low and carbonated beverages were needed. I recommend eating Hot Chicken with a Diet Mtn Dew.

I wasn't sure if KG was going to make it, but she pulled through like a champ. One of the best parts is the spice soaked white bread left at the end.


Adventure accomplished.

At the end of it all we had burning lungs, fiery guts and we decided ice cream was in order. I recommend pairing your next piece of Hot Chicken with ice cream. It's quite the delectable and classy combination.

I hear several of the places were out of chicken by 1pm (just two hours after the event begun). So ultimately I'm glad we went early. Next year we'll have to get there 2 hours before it starts to beat the crowds. If you're ever in Nashville, I dare you to try Hot Chicken for yourself!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cummins Falls: A 4th of July Weekend Adventure

KG and I wanted to do something excellent for the holiday weekend being that we have never BOTH been in town for a 4th of July weekend in recent years. I, personally, always head to Missouri to spend the weekend/week with my family at our lake house located in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. But, I digress, something big had to be planned and I believe we fulfilled our goal with a trip to Cummins Falls in Jackson County, TN.

From the overlook at the top of the falls.

We learned of Cummins Falls at the Nashville Earth Day Festival back in April. The land was bought by a private individual at public auction in May 2010 after a planned development fell through. The owner has agreed to give The Tennessee Parks and Greenway Foundation the option to purchase the land to preserve the area into a state park. The Foundation has until December 2011 to raise $1.3 million and they already have approximately $900,000 raised. At Earth Day Fest we learned the Foundation hosts guided hikes the first Saturday of each month and despite the predicted 96 degree high we decided Saturday was the perfect time to seek out our adventurous side.

The hike is described as a 3 hour moderate to difficult hike which involves a shallow river crossing and boulder hopping. I'd say this is about what we got. The first part of the hike involves a descent down the bluff into the river bed. There was one part in particular I decided it was easier to go down on my bottom :)

Once we got to the river bed, we walked a little less than a mile to the base of the falls. The water was cool and felt so good. Walking the river bed wasn't so bad until we got to the boulders we had to cross to get to the beautiful, turquoise pool at the base of the falls. This is where I lost my balance and got my battle scare of the day.

Every bruise, scratch and sore muscle was well worth it to make it to the destination.

The water was so refreshing. We swam, I sunbathed on a rock and jumped from the ledge of the falls into the water. Not only was it so fun, but I challenged myself to go outside my comfort zone. Not only taking a hike I am not familiar with, but to climb on up on the water fall and jump from it? Not something I would normally do because of my fear of plummeting to my death. ;)

After enjoying the some peanut butter sandwiches and some more fun in the sun we decided to pack it up and head back to the car. Instead of taking the way we came, we decided to do what the locals do and climb straight out of the gorge via ropes - and boy were we in for it!

Via Southern Wanderings

All I can say is - OH MY GOSH! Do you see the rocks? And the ropes? Oh and the 80 foot bluff? Yep, that's how we climbed out of the gorge - by using a series of 6 or so ropes we lifted ourselves over rocks, tree branches and mud straight up the side of the bluff. SERIOUSLY, I was secretly dying inside. Remember my fear of plummeting to my death? This is my worst nightmare and not to mention something I NEVER would have (or could have) done 70 pounds ago. EVER, EVER.

I honestly think my last 6 months of yoga practice helped in this endeavor. All those downward dogs and warrior poses have helped my strength and balance tremendously. I was so proud of myself (and KG) when we reached the top with no problems and only a few scratches and bruises to show for it.

It was a great day and opened my eyes to a meaningful cause. I never want to see my state lose such a treasure to private ownership or development and I encourage those of you in the area to visit the falls via The Tennessee Parks and Greenway Foundation and Save Cummins Falls Facebook page.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weigh in - a failed goal

Last week's weight - 260.4

This week's weight - 260.0

0.4 pounds LOST

69.4 pounds lost since June 2010

**DISCLAIMER** I did weigh in after my run (after drinking a bottle of water) since I forgot to weigh before my run in my foggy-just-woke-up stupor. So is this really my weight? Probably not. If I had to guess I'd say I really gained 1-2 pounds this week since I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.

This weigh in also marks the deadline for the goal I've been working towards for the last 6 months - to lose 50 lbs by July 1st. To blatantly put it, I failed. I only lost 40 of the 50 pounds. Obviously, I hate admitting I didn't attain a goal, but I am still moving forward and plan to consider a shorter amount of time between this deadline and the next one to keep me focused.

In any case, I took my measurements. The last time I took my measurements was February. I don't think I ever posted them on the blog, but in any case here are the changes since February:

Arms: -1"
Neck: -1"
Hips: -1.5"
Waist: -1.5"
Thigh: -2"
Under bust: -3"
Natural Waist: -4"

Total inches lost: 14

Any movement on measurements I am happy with. And these make sense with how I have been feeling - lost inches in the middle torso, but still carrying a lot of weigh in my hips and waistline.

New goal coming, until then enjoy your fireworks and BBQ!