Friday, October 1, 2010

Carb Lover's - Day 5

Today has been a rough day energy and food-wise. I took an early lunch to run some errands. After eating the trail mix snack I headed out and thought, "why not walk?" So I walked about a quarter mile to the eye doctor to pick out my new glasses and then walked from there over to the medical center, which by my estimate is about a mile. Then, it was a 15 minute walk back to my office.

By time I got back to my office, two hours after my snack, I was STARVING. I ate some left over chicken pasta primavera. About an hour later I was still hungry and actually feeling a little dizzy and light headed. With no extra snacks on hand I had $1 in cash and headed to the vending machine. The baked chips were my first choice but they were $1.25 and I literally had $1.15 in cash. So I got the "whole grain" Lance's crackers with cheese. They were a bit salty, but they did the trick. I have no idea if these are Carb Lover's approved. They are a little high in calories and fat, but they had a few grams of fiber and 9g of whole grains.

I was tired all afternoon, but the crackers held me over until after my water aerobics class. I snacked on some strawberries on the way home since I had to stop by the grocery store to get some lean ground beef.

Now it's 8 pm and I really could just go to bed. After I get this laundry done and bathroom cleaned, I just may do that.

What I ate today:
B: Nature's Own whole grain sandwich thin w/1 T almond butter and a banana
S1: Trail mix (cornflakes, dried cherries and almonds)
L: Chicken Past Primavera
S2: Lance's Whole Grain crackers w/cheese
S3: 10 strawberries
D: 4oz 96% lean ground beef on Nature's Own whole grain sandwich thin topped with mustard, spinach and onions. Served with side salad and 1/2 a baked potato with salsa

Calorie count: 1,719

How I feel:
Tired, tired, tired.