Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weigh in - Easter candy is the devil edition

Last week's weight - 268.8

This week's weight - 270.0

1.2 pounds GAINED

59.4 pounds lost since June 2010

Posting early because I just want to get this out of the way. I knew a gain was coming, I always do, the difference this week is it was FULLY DESERVED. Two words: EASTER CANDY.

Why I thought it was smart to pick up a couple Cadbury Eggs and Reeese's Eggs, is beyond me. I brought home 4 pieces of candy on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure they were gone by Friday.

This also happened:
My weekly snapshot from SparkPeople
Note: my calorie goal is 1700-1900, not what is listed

Three days this week of way more calories than I need considering my BMR (the number of calories I'd burn if I stayed in bed all day) is only around 2,100.

My exercise was good though - I got in my two strength training sessions (Powerlift and a 30 minute band DVD) and I also walked twice and did my regular Monday night yoga.

Exercise is going well, food is not going well.

I leave tomorrow for a two-day conference for work (yes, I also start my new job tomorrow). Then I will be home for 1 day and then leave for a wedding in my hometown. My goal this week is to just try to make the healthiest choices I can and watch portions. I will be taking cliff bars and fruit with me for snacks (you know they always have those stupid cookie trays in the afternoons at conferences). I will also try to exercise at least once while I am at the conference.

My plan is to do some major meal planning the following week. 250 is SO close!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blast from the past - senior prom

Yesterday while talking with some co-workers about prom and prom dresses, I realized that I am smaller today than I was at my senior prom.

Me - senior prom. I have no idea how much I weighed,
but the dress was a size 28 (special ordered)
Yes I have braces (like, being fat wasn't enough).

What's weird is, at the time, I never looked at myself as being obese as I do now when I look at old pictures. I was very lucky and didn't go through a lot that overweight kids go through. I was rarely teased. Maybe I was in my own world, but I felt like I fit in. I never had a boyfriend in high school - and went to the prom with friends. But those friends were enough for me. I ate baskets of tater tots with pizza or fried chicken sandwiches almost every day for lunch. I never wanted to lose weight. I was fat, and generally happy.

How's that for perspective?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weigh in - Late edition

Last week's weight - 269.4

This week's weight - 268.8

0.6 pounds LOST

60.6 pounds lost since June 2010

Not the most impressive weigh in ever, but it concludes my 4th consecutive loss. And I'll take it after eating way too much at dinner on Friday night and generally being a little lax on my portions and food choices (hello cake, brownies and Reese's Pieces this week).

I'm making this a short post since I spent the day relaxing, doing yard work and grilling with friends instead of writing a blog post; and now I am headed to bed.

11 weeks until my goal deadline - and 19.4 lbs to lose. It's looking positive!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hardee's Turkey Burger, strength training, failing at follow through

One of my Facebook friends posted this and I think it's a great quote to remember.

You can't change your environment, but you can change yourself; you can't change the reality, but you can change your perspective; you can't change your past, but you can change your future.
The Hardee's turkey burger

Monday night, after getting caught in quite the downpour walking to yoga, I had a great (albeit wet) yoga session. I was starving afterward and still needed to go to the grocery store. So, I figured I'd try the new turkey burger at Hardee's. I wasn't really a fan.

Was it edible? Sure. But what I ate was a perfectly round, flat disk of processed meat, which I am assuming was from a turkey, covered in mayo. All for about 480 calories. And yes, I could have gotten it without the mayo, but I forgot it came with mayo.

I would have rather had a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. Or if I want a burger, I'll go to Five Guys and get a "little" hamburger for 480 calories.

Strength training

I've basically dropped all strength training I was doing. Blah. I just don't like doing weights or calisthenics or really any kind of core or strength training. Tell me to walk 13.1 miles, fine. But don't ask me to do 13 push-ups.

I feel like I've already lost everything I worked for the several weeks after the Mercedes half-marathon. I know this is horrible to say, but I feel fatter even though the scale says otherwise.

I need to set-up a strength training plan, but I have no idea what to do to optimize weight-loss, while also building the strength I need for my Warrior Dash goal this fall. Anyone have any suggestions?

Failing at follow through

Lastly, tonight was the final check in for the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Spring in 2 Action push-up challenge. Well, I failed big time. I pretty much let my partner (@healthyem) down and stopped checking in mid-way through. I also cannot do even 1 more push up today than I could 6 weeks ago.

I hate not following through with things. That's not usually my personality - to not follow through - but I've done it twice in the last 6 weeks now. Both with this and the Healthy March Challenge, which I abandoned the last week and a half. A small part of it is motivation, the other part is just putting too much on my plate at once.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess how long it takes me to use all of this honey

On our way home from Burgess Falls Saturday we stopped at a roadside farm stand near the park and I got this beauty:

32 oz of pure, local honey.

It was only $15. I think what I pay for that much organic honey at the grocery store would work out to be more than that and it's not local. So I saw it as an investment.

Fact: apparently honey is the only food that never spoils. Fun right?

Also, among many other healthy benefits, consuming local honey can reduce seasonal allergies. Now, this honey is from Buffalo Valley, TN which is about an hour from my house. I'm not sure how "local" you have to get to see positive effects on seasonal allergies, but considering my eyes are itching just typing this post I'll give anything a shot.

On last fact...did you know you can spray a tablespoon with cooking spray before you use it to measure honey and the honey won't stick? It slides right off!

I'm pretty excited about this giant jar of golden goodness. I may have to go back to putting a bit of honey on my oats in the morning. I cut it out of my morning breakfast a few months back to reduce sugar from my diet, but I think this giant jar warrants honey back in my daily life!

So, how long do you think it will take me to consume this jar of honey? Leave a date in the comments section below, and whomever guesses closest to the correct date will win something - I have no idea what yet, but I promise it will be good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Where I've been - a new life adventure

In two weeks, I will start a new job.

I interviewed for, and received, a promotion in my previous department (which I left for my current position). Sometimes you aren't looking for something, but life presents you with an opportunity and you have to take a chance on life.

When I accepted the position, I immediately had thoughts about how it may inhibit my weight loss journey. With this new position, comes a lot of responsibility and the chance of stress and long hours is guaranteed.

Since I am a stress eater, I tend to eat out more and lean towards unhealthy choices and portions when I am stressed. I also tend to eat 2-3 large meals versus 3 small meals and 2 snacks when I'm busy. I have to make sure I am using my weekends to get organized in the food department (go to the grocery store, which I loathe and avoid) and do at least some pre-thought, pre-planning for my meals each week.

Also, since long hours are inevitable, I need to have a plan for the gym in place and not let "I'm too tired" or "It's too late" be an excuse. I know I can lose weight without exercise. But I feel better, eat better and feel less stressed when I get my exercise in.

So, that's what I've been up to these last 2 weeks. Life is an adventure, hang on for the ride!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remember me? Weigh in, finally!!

Wow, what a slacker I am. I haven't posted ANYTHING in almost two weeks. It's a combination of just being super busy, having many life changes at once (a post on that to follow) and traveling a lot recently.

Which is why I didn't have a weigh in last week. I spent the weekend in St. Louis with my family and completely forgot to get on the scale Monday morning. So I made the executive decision to skip last week.

On with two weeks worth of weigh ins...

Last week's weight - 273.0

This week's weight - 269.4

3.6 pounds LOST

60 pounds lost since June 2010

Officially 60 lbs down? I'll take it!! It is a huge relief to see the scale reading in the 260s even if it is on the borderline side of things. I do feel like I've let my food slip over the last couple weeks with a combination of not eating the right foods, eating 3 large meals instead of 3 small ones plus snacks and not stopping when I am full.

I'm really hoping I can focus the next couple weeks on changing back to my good habits before life gets crazy at the end of the month.

I know I am dropping teasers all over this post, but I promise I will post a longer explanation in the morning. I have to run and get ready. Stephen wants to go visit the fake Parthenon we have in Nashville. I'll make him post later about all it's glory. [Shush don't tell him.... but it's not really that exciting ;) ]