Thursday, September 9, 2010

You want pizza? I'll give you pizza

So on Sunday, I mentioned some soy Italian sausage "pizza." If you didn't notice, I put quotations around the word PIZZA. Because, duh, I'm not crazy and I don't go around eating an XL Domino's meat lover's pizza just because Sunday is my free day. This "pizza" is healthy and very satisfying!

I got my inspiration from the food blog I link to all the time - HEAB. Seriously, if you don't follow her eats then you are missing out. I admit she's into some seemingly hippie, earth-loving stuff, but don't knock it till you try it.

My version included:
2 Ole extreme wellness whole wheat tortillas (seriously my best discovery - they are only 76 cals each)
4 T Muir Glen organic tomato sauce
2 T Mozzarella cheese
1 Morningstar Farms Italian sausage link
2 T Pesto sauce

Typing this out, I just realized that I forgot to add fresh basil to my pizzas tonight, which I have ALOT of. Boo!

I toasted one side of the tortilla in a skillet on the stove, topped with my ingredients and then broiled in the oven for a few minutes. Viola! Here's the finished product:


I also had a bit of left over couscous tabbouleh; bringing my dinner to around 500 calories. I'm back to tracking my calories on Sparkpeople. For some reason, I just feel like it. I'm getting ready to make a change to my diet (definition: habitual nourishment), so I want to see what I'm consuming on a normal day and where I'm at nutritionally.

Happy almost Friday y'all!