Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weigh in - Week 13

Last week's weight 318.2
This week's weight 316.4

1.8 pounds LOST this week

13 pounds lost since June 2010

I actually didn't believe the scale this morning. I stepped on it 3 times, and the display showed 316.4 each and every time.

I went about my morning perplexed. In my head I thought, "There's no way this can be right. I only exercised once in the last 7 days. And I didn't have a great food week either. I ate Mediterranean, and pizza and sushi."

So I went back into the bathroom and decided I had to take a picture of my weigh in this week. Because I just don't believe it. And somehow having all 2 of my readers seeing it helps validate it.

So perplexing.


Stephen said...

Congrats on the 1.8 lb loss!!!!

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