Friday, September 17, 2010

Something New - Carb Lover's

I got something I was very excited about in the mail this week:

Carb Lover's is the new diet that critics are calling the "new fad diet." I've never been one for fad diets. In fact, until about 2 years ago I never made a serious attempt to lose weight in my life. I always say I just didn't know I was fat, but maybe it's just that I didn't care? And since then I've used the basic "calories in, calories out" principle.

I am a firm believer you can't make someone change something that they don't want to change. I don't consider Carb Lover's a "fad diet." People who are quick to judge are those who haven't researched the diet and the principles of Resistant Starch. Carb Lover's doesn't mean I am going to be free to eat bagels, cookies, cupcakes and whole loaves of bread. It doesn't restrict you from eating any ONE food group, which is the RIGHT way to lose weight and make a lifestyle change. What it is going to give me is a structured plan to make sure I AM eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

I plan to start the week of 9/27. This will give me time to read through the book and stock my kitchen for the week one kickstart plan. Stay tuned!


Diana P. said...

I'll be interested in what you learn from it! :)

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