Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weigh in - Week 14

Last week's weight 316.4
This week's weight 311.6

4.8 pounds LOST this week

17.8 pounds lost since June 2010

Wow, I am just speechless about the weigh in this week! Almost 5 pounds - seriously!?!?! I haven't had a number this high since I was recovering from vacation.

Sorry for the flash...

I haven't exercised in 8 days due to my back pain. And I'm still losing weight....

I feel better when I exercise, of course, but this has also made me realize how important food choices are for a healthy lifestyle. My food choices have been on point for the most part, and more importantly I have watched portion sizes. Also, when I've known that a higher calorie meal is coming up, I modify my other meals of the day to be lower calorie, but still filling.

I keep saying my scale is broken. I stepped on the scale this morning about 7 times and got the same number each and every time. I even reset the scale and then tried again....still 311.6.

I know I feel this way because I've rarely been this successful and consistent losing weight. I also have never weighed myself this regularly. The only other time I did and was successful was when I lost about 35 pounds after I enrolled into a 4 month adult weight management class. But there, I wasn't on my own. I had a weekly meeting to be accountable to and a team of 3 professionals - a dietitian, psychologist and an exercise therapist - for support.


There are two milestones this weigh in is responsible for.

> I am officially more than half way to my 30 pound weight loss by the end of 2010 goal. Only 12.2 pounds to reach that goal.

> I am at the lowest weight of my adult life (highest being 355 in 2008). When I reach my 2010 goal, I will be under 300 pounds.

I hope to keep this momentum going and to slowly reintroduce low impact exercise this week.

A very happy Sunday to you all!


Stephen said...

Congratulations on the 4.8 pound loss!!!! Also, congrats on your TWO milestones!!!!!!

You'll be in the 200's before you know it...

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

Emmie said...

WOW!!! I'm cheering for you! Awesome!

Big Life, Little Blog said...

Thanks guys!!!

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