Friday, September 3, 2010

Skin health and frozen yogurt

Last night my favorite frozen yogurt chain, Sweet Cece's, opened a new store 4 miles from my house. eeeeeee!!! I admit, for someone who is in the process of losing weight, I am entirely too excited about this new addition to my life. BUT with this new location (previously I had to drive about 14 miles into downtown) I can forgo the DQ dipped cones and go for a lower calorie, fat free choice.

Sometimes I stretch the truth and say something is 'basically healthy' when it has some sort of tiny health component to it. However. Sweet Cece's really isn't horrible for a treat. If you stick to the half cup serving and choose your toppings wisely you can have a luscious frozen treat for just around 150 calories! My favorite lately has been Original Tart with a sprinkling of coconut, almonds and fresh fruit. Last night's fruit options were raspberries, blueberries, pineapple and blackberries.

Yes, I just wrote 2 paragraphs about froyo.

Skin Cancer Screening

Today I took part in my employer's free skin cancer screening. I didn't notice anything particular on my body that concerned me, but afterall, as a child I pretty much spent entire summers out in the sun, sometimes without adequate protection - swimming, water skiing and enjoying my parents' boating hobby.

Ultimately there was nothing to worry about my moles caused by sun damage, but the doctor mentioned my Keratosis Pilaris. It is a skin condition that causes rough spots, or bumps that are red/white on your skin. Usually on your arms and thighs. It is only on my arms, but I am sort of self conscience about it because the bumps sometimes look like pimples and as if you have acne. I was told as a child I would grow out of it, but at the age of 26 (almost 27) it is still present as ever. He mentioned while it's not curable (it's hereditary), there are over the counter and prescription remedies to treat the cosmetic issue of the disorder. I've hated having this issue my whole life, so I am thinking I should focus on treating it.

Does anyone else suffer from this? The doctor said it's usually more present in those who have bad allergies, but I am not allergic to anything and experience only mild seasonal allergies. I've found that exposure to the sun really helps the areas it is present on my arms, but I am researching over the counter creams and soaps that are supposed to help.

Progress this week

My back is about 85% better. Tomorrow I plan to do a 3 mile walk to enjoy the wonderful 70 degree weather we are supposed to experience. I've had a rough week in the food department, I'm not expecting forgiveness from the scale on Sunday.