Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weigh in #2

Turns out my weekend changed a bit and I actually was back home this morning to weigh in on my own scale. So here we go!

Last week: 327.6
This week: 326.2
Total lost this week: 1.4

Total lost overall: 3.2

So, although I did not eat well this weekend and I did gain 1.2 pounds from Friday morning until Sunday morning, I must have sweated and burned enough calories walking around yesterday at the concert to make up for it. Hurray! Kristin and I always joke that concert going is always the best diet for us because you naturally are active for 5-6 hours and you don't (normally) eat very often!

Ankle Update

The ankle is slowly getting stronger, it's actually felt pretty good up until today. I started PT last week and have been wearing the brace on and off. I didn't wear it while driving last night or at all today while I washed my car and mowed the grass and I can really feel the soreness.
Also, the swelling is also not going down, which is concerning. But I'm going to attribute it to the hot and humid weather we are experiencing in Tennesse.

Oh by the way, WELCOME all the new readers and followers that found me through Stephen's blog over the weekend! Thanks for reading :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your ankle is doing better! Great going on the continued weight loss! You are really working hard. Remember, it takes time to change life long habits. :) Hang in there!

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