Monday, June 21, 2010

Inspiring the inspiration

I ate a dinner of salsa, chips and corn on the cob tonight. The corn was organic though, so it's healthy, right?

After watching too many episodes of Friends and flipping between an Intervention episode on bulima and a CNBC special on being overweight in America (typing that out just made me realize how weird that combo was), I wasn't feeling exercise. Afterall, it was over 90 degrees and it was already nearing the 8 o'clock hour. Then the "1 new notification" flashed on my obsessively refreshed Facebook page. The wall post read:

"Hey, Emily, I just wanted to let you know that I started reading your blog at X's recommendation, and I have to say, it's wonderful. You, my dear, are inspiring. :-)"

Then I immediately felt guilty. I don't FEEL inspiring. I actually feel a bit like a slacker because I know I am not as strict on eating and exercise as I could be. But you know what? That one comment inspired ME. I immediately got off my ass, put my $150 pair of fancy running shoes on and went on a walking mission. I wasn't just going to walk for 30 minutes like I have been the last few weeks. No, I was going to take this JOKE mother nature calls June (read: abnormally hot and humid) and stuff it up her ass. I WAS GOING TO WALK 3 MILES.

Now before you go and get all proud of me, I must confess, 3 miles used to be my normal 3-4 time a week workout before I got all unmotivated and stuff. But I did it and now this means I can go back to doing it 3-4 times a week. No turning back.

Thanks for inspiring me y'all. What did you do on the longest day of the year (i.e. first day of summer)? I kicked mother nature's ass :)

Post script: I realize I used the word "ass" 3 times just in this one post (4 now). Sorry, I have the mouth of a sailor, deal with it.


KG said...

Good job! It was really did awesome!

HEAB said...

Haha - you are too funny. I have a sailor's mouth at times too. So, no judgement from me...and way to kick mother nature's ass. Hell yeah! ;)

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