Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogger friend giveaway

My lovely co-worker, Planning Sarah Elizabeth, has a fabulous giveaway going on over at her blog today. She is just 46 days from her wedding day and she still has time to blog great giveaways - how organized is she!?!

Head over to her blog and see what you can win. Don't forget to add her to your Google Reader, she is a great blogging inspiration (not to mention she keeps my eating habits honest while I'm at work).

By the way, I feel almost normal and right now I am actually feeling hungry. That hasn't happened in 48 hours. It's noodles and chicken broth for lunch today. Maybe tonight I'll make something substantial for dinner.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks for using "food poisoning" as a tag for my giveaway. Hilarious. Also- this will be fun to check searches for!

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