Thursday, June 17, 2010

Party like it's 2003...

Yesterday wasn't a very good day. I don't know why, but I binged last night. I ate 3 ice cream sandwiches for no. reason. at. all. They weren't even that good, but I just kept going back for another and then another.

I don't really think anyone understands how binging can over come you unless you suffer from it. It's like something in your head just clicks off and all you can think about is food, food, food. I don't think people consider it as seriously as other eating disorders, like anorexia.

On to happier happenings....this weekend I am going to Indiana to see this girl:

Me and Kristin

And Saturday, we are heading to Cincinnati to see these boys:

Simple Plan



Good Charlotte

I guess it's time to tell my little known secret...back in my later high school and through out college I use to follow bands. (I've seen my favorite band well near 100 times) Think groupie without drugs and sex. My friends and I would drive all over the country to see our favorite bands. I've driven out to the west coast and back several times. I've made the split decision to get in the car and just go to a show 4 states away. This travelling to see bands is how I met Kristin actually. One night after a show we had about 12 people piled into a Motel 6 where she declared to me she didn't like my favorite band, New Found Glory. Needless to say, we didn't become fast friends, but eventually we were in the car together driving up and down Florida.

So back to Saturday, I haven't seen these bands in years. 6 to be exact. So I'm excited to live life like its 2003 again. Will I be the oldest one there? Probably. Will it be hotter than hell out? Yes. But we will have a blast and get to pretend, if just for 1 day, as if we are 19 again.

And THAT is what has kept me going this week.


Stephen said...

Binging is always a bummer. I'm glad you stopped at three. When I used to binge, I'd eat way more than that.

I hope you have a blast this weekend.

KG said...

You will be happy to hear I had the ice cream sandwiches adopted, before I read this.

Have fun this weekend!

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