Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ankle Report

Take a look at that beauty, my new ankle companion for the next 4 weeks.

I saw a general orthopaedic doctor on Monday, the x-rays came back clear of any fractures, but he was concerned about some signs of degeneration and saw a couple bone spurs. He knew before he even talked to me that I've had ankle injuries before (anyone remember high school graduation night, when I fell off that obstacle course?) I will do physical therapy for 4 weeks. He wants me to work on my balance, so in not so many words he's calling me a klutz. I can't really argue with his assessment. I mean I have a fear of falling down (no, really).

Considering I leave for vacation in 2.5 weeks and I was having nightmares of having a cast on my leg, 4 weeks of wearing a removable brace and doing PT twice a week is easy breezy.

Really, it's not even a setback. He said I could continue to exercise normally as it won't compound the problem any further (it might just be a bit painful). So I went for a 30 minute walk tonight and it didn't feel too bad.

The week is going well, keeping an eye on my calories and I am doing alright, though thanks to my roommate's family we have a freezer full of ice cream sandwiches. Good thing I'm going out of town this weekend - I'll tell you where I'm going tomorrow!


KG said...

I will try to eat 15 ice cream sandwiches while you are out of town but I can't make any promises. I will need the support of friends to accomplish it.

Big Life, Little Blog said...

If they aren't mostly gone Monday, I may take half to work ;)

I can't have 170 calorie bombs laying around the house, now.

Unknown said...

I totally remember the obstacle course incident...I believe you were racing against me at the time! I felt so bad you had to leave.

I'm glad this injury doesn't require a cast! I hope you heal up quickly.

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