Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trouble in Big Life

So do you want the good or bad news first?

Yeah, I always like the good news too, so let's go to the weigh-in!

Last week - 329.4
This week - 327.6
Weight loss this week - 1.8 pounds

Not exactly a huge number, but it's going in the right direction and I'll take it considering I ate out 6 times in the last week. So, there is definitely room for improvement.

Now for the bad news...

Last night I tripped over my own two feet and severley twisted my ankle. I thought I could just walk it off, but unfortunately it's still hard to walk on it. I'm sure it's just sprained and the swelling has gone down considerably, but I fear what this will do for my workout this week since I mainly use walking as my primary workout and I even think water exercise would bother it.

So this means I really need to focus on my eating this week.


HEAB said...

Sorry about the ankle! Ice ice ice and hopefully it will feel better soon. :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Definitely agree that it's more important to focus on eating now. I've found that out the hard way with my ankle surgeries. I think it's why I'm more inclined to restrict eating junk versus working out.

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