Monday, February 25, 2013

Weigh in & Weekly Goals

Weight Last Week: 255.2

Weight this week: 258.0

2.8 pounds GAINED this week

Lowest Weight Recorded: 232.2 on 4/22/12

71.4 pounds lost since June 2010

Not the best week I've ever had food choices wise. I only made it to the gym twice - once for yoga and once for 30 mins of treadmill work. I did get another run in yesterday, I guess if you want to count that as last week...

The weekend was full of too much beer and food. But I'm not mad, it was a fun weekend with a friend in town.

Back on the horse this week with my goals:

- 75 ounces of water AT LEAST (goal is to drink three bottles (25 oz each) at work)
- Stick to the meal plan I wrote out
- Gym/workout 4X this week, get back on schedule!

These are all simple things. I have to stop letting life get in the way of my own needs and goals.

Happy Monday!


Bunnywinxx said...

What day of the week is your weigh day?

Big Life, Little Blog said...

I usually weigh in on Sunday mornings, but sometimes I don't get around to posting it until Monday!

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