Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Friday: What's in my purse?

I decided to do this post on a whim after seeing Caitlin's post today. I actually need a new purse because the vinyl is coming off this one. But funny story is I went through some stuff from high school in my mom's basement over the holidays and found this purse. I decided it was still cool enough to wear, but as soon as I did it started falling apart. Must've been all those years in a musty basement in the Midwest!

This purse actually has 3 there's a lot in it! I don't always have such a large bag. I think I moved into this one before I went on my trip to New Orleans and never downsized.

The main part of the purse

From Top-Clockwise - my wallet, headache medicine,
my Harajuku Lovers bag (from Foody McBody) with contact supplies in it, papers, pennies, and trash.
Back outer compartment.

From Top-Clockwise - Skittles, Hotel Monteleone (in NOLA) pen,
more papers, more trash, hair tie, gum, multi-vitamins

Front compartment

From left-Clockwise - more papers, eye drops, post-its, anti-itch cream, chapstick, USB 

So, what's in YOUR purse?