Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh-in & Weekly Goals

Weight Last Week: 256.2

Weight this week: 256.4

0.2 pounds GAINED this week

Lowest Weight Recorded: 232.2 on 4/22/12

73 pounds lost since June 2010

A little bit of a gain, but I'm actually not worrying about it. Not the best week food choices or exercise commitment wise. My appetite is coming back from being sick the last 3 weeks, so I need to start being more diligent in my choices. Still on the "no crackers or chips" plan, except I mindlessly ate some tortilla chips at a Mexican lunch with co-workers. I didn't even think about it while I was doing it - totally forgot!!!

For exercise, only made it to yoga this week. It was kind of a "blah" week, but yesterday was a nice Saturday afternoon so I got a 4 mile walk in - the longest I've walked for exercise since spraining my ankle on Jan. 2nd.

My one focus last week was to GET BETTER. After being sick for most of the beginning of 2013, first with a cold and then with tonsillitis (on top of the sprained ankle), I was feeling kind of down about my body's health. I am HAPPY to report I am MUCH better, and finishing my last dose of antibiotics today. WOOOOO!!!

This week I want to continue to see a downward movement on the scale since I am working towards my March 31st goal of losing 20 pounds. Here are my actual goals:

- Limit eating out to my already scheduled engagements (2x)
- Drink at least 64 oz of water every day
- Begin Triathlon training (sans swimming since I haven't joined the Y yet and I got a tattoo a week ago and can't get in the pool for another week.)

That's all I've got - enjoy your Sunday!