Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Tattoo

I got my first tattoo 3 months after I turned 18. It was a shamrock on the inside of my left ankle with purple (my favorite color) shading behind it. I choose this particular piece of art because my family is devoutly Irish, so I thought by paying homage to my mom's side of the family and my grandfather (Papa Joe), who had passed away when I was in grad school, it was the perfect first tattoo choice.

It was still one of my favorite tattoos, until a week ago Monday when I went in to get this:

The lettering is in my brother's own handwriting (taken from a card he sent me in Summer of 2005) and the scroll and years were the tattoo artist's handiwork. It turned out better than I ever expected and it is my favorite piece on my body.

Being able to look at this every day and remember my brother is the greatest gift I have ever been able to afford myself.

It was done by Jordan Pundik at Safe House Tattoo Studio. Check them/him out if you're looking for some ink done in Nashville.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new tattoo! It's beautiful, and you look fantastic!

Lisa said...

Great looking tattoo. I love tattoos that are meaningful reminders of someone or something.

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