Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Starting over - my run last night

Last year, I completed FOUR half marathons....four. This tripled the number of completed half marathons for myself and was 4X the number I had ever done in a year was intense.

And it burned me out from running long distances.

After my half marathon on December 1st, I "took a break" from running long distances, logging only a few miles as a time. Then, I sprained my ankle on Jan. 2nd. Here we are over 2.5 months after my last half marathon and I've barely ran two steps.

Until last night.

I started over. From what felt like the beginning.

I downloaded the Zen Labs "10K for Pink" Couch to 10K program a couple months ago.

Last night I completed Day 1, Week 1.

I took it slow as it was the first time I really "ran" since spraining my ankle. I am happy to report it felt great!

A few thoughts:
- I was surprised I could still run a minute straight.

- I forgot how much I don't like the treadmill anymore. It's so boring. But I'm also in pansy mode when it comes to the cold so unless it's above 45, I probably won't run outside during the week.

- I forgot how much regular exercise improves my mood.

My goal is to run a 10K on April 13th, with my first mini-sprint Triathlon of the season being May 18th, and the ultimate goal for the season to complete an intermediate distance Triathlon.

Let's do it!


marisol said...

I've discovered that I don't like the treadmill all that much either now that I am more confident in being out with other runners. Don't care how slow I go as long as I am moving.

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