Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weigh in - what happens after you gain 7 lbs in a week

Last week's weight - 246.2

This week's weight - 241.4

4.8 lbs LOST

88 total lost since June 2010

I have been putting of posting today's weigh in subconsciously, I think. Because I don't see it as good enough.

Sure, 4.8 pounds in a normal week would be great. But I had a 7 lb gain to deal with from last week and I ALMOST was back to 239 as that is what I weighed in at yesterday morning; however, I ate too much last night knowing it would affect the weigh in and I didn't care.

Food log from Saturday:

Egg and cheese sandwich & banana (breakfast); a few samples at Christmas Village (not a lot since sharing a bowl of cheese dip with 10,000 other people's dirty hands wasn't too appealing to me); 1/3 of 12" pizza and salad with balsamic vinaigrette (late lunch); Apple dumpling with ice cream (snack); Another slice of pizza, romaine salad with blue cheese and 2.5 cups of popcorn (dinner); 3-4 pumpkin molasses cookies

Total calories: No idea, way too many (2,100+)

Food log for today (so far):

Peanut butter sandwich (breakfast); 3 pumpkin molasses cookies (after run); slice of leftover pizza; 1/2 order of General Tso's Chicken, egg roll and 4 crab rangoons; Ice cream sandwich

Yeah, so today isn't much better.

My long run today was 8 miles. I started 2 hours later than I originally planned. I REALLY didn't want to do it. But once I was out there it went great. The weather was perfect (a little sunny the 2nd half), and I was able to stay within my 15 min per mile goal.

Hoping to try and figure out how to stay on track this week (with a better weekend next weekend) to lose another 5 lbs next week.


Maren said...

Hey now, 4.8 is EXCELLENT! Even if you come from a gain last week, it's a great loss!!

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