Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food log 11/7/11


Pumpkin Cream Pie Oat Bran with Trader Joe's pumpkin butter (breakfast); Kashi pumpkin pecan bar (snack); Trader Joe's Black Bean enchiladas w/ apple and a couple bites of 4% cottage cheese (lunch); 1 tootsie roll; Blueberry Chobani (snack); 1 snack bag of Chex Mix (snack); 2 oz whole wheat linguine w/sauteed bok choy and steamed edamame tossed in Trader Joe's peanut satay sauce, Fit and Active mint ice cream sandwich (dinner)

Total calories: 1,733

The Chex Mix and Tootsie Roll were not planned. I grabbed the Tootsie Roll without even thinking (mindless eating) and caved into the Chex Mix b/c I was at work later than I thought I would be and was starving. But I tracked every bite, lick and taste (as Cyndi ala Weight Watchers would say) and was still under 1,800 calories. Yesterday was a war won.

I did not go do weights at the gym (see being at work too late). I do have a cardio + strength date with the gym tonight.