Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weigh in - The most epic gain EVER

Last week's weight - 239.0

This week's weight - 246.2

7.2 lbs GAINED

83.2 total lost since June 2010

Yep, you read that right (and no it's not a typo). I had an epic gain of 7.2 lbs this week. Am I surprised? A little. I knew I would gain because of everything I've eaten this week, but 7 pounds? Yeah...wasn't prepared for that.

As Maren pointed out, "What's done is done and what's eaten is eaten." So time to move on. I plan to track my food this week and get back on the horse and hope for a big ass loss next week.

On the plus side I did my first long run in 3 weeks today and I didn't die. 7 miles done! It was rough since I haven't been eating right lately and there was too much alcohol and not enough hydration going on yesterday, but surprisingly it went well despite my gut rot and dehydration.

Given my huge gain this week, I am back to 9.8 pounds from my Garmin Goal. And 16.8 pounds from 100 lbs lost. Talk about two steps backwards!?

My goal is to have the Garmin by Thanksgiving and the 100 pound party is tentatively scheduled for January. We'll see how close I get in the next 4 weeks.

Back to square one!


marisol said...

ouch! But you know what you gotta do to lose it. I know you can do it.

Lisa said...

7 Pounds in one week! Are you sure it's not hormones? I can fluctuate a good 5 pounds during that time of the month...

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