Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Food log 11/8/11

The scale said 240.6 this morning. I know I shouldn't weigh myself every day, but I do and it works for me. Although losing almost 6 lbs in 3 days teaches me nothing about gaining 7 lbs in a week. Hopefully remembering I really want that 100 lbs lost milestone will keep me in check.


Kashi Pumpkin Pecan bar and banana (breakfast); Trader Joe's Chicken Pot Stickers and steamed veggies with an apple and chocolate chip cookie (lunch); 6 oz Fage 0% and 3 chocolate malt ball whoppers (snack); 3 tilapia fish tacos with salsa and a cole slaw on top with a Fit and Active mint ice cream sandwich (dinner)

Total Calories: 1,504

The candy dish got me again yesterday, but I'd rather have 1 piece and be over it than pine over it all day. The dinner I made is an old standby favorite. It's very quick and filling and 3 fish tacos using 1 filet is about 440 calories. LOVE IT!

Also ran 3 miles and did my weight circuit yesterday. I feel back on track and I am loving it.


Maren said...

The weight goes up and down, and if we're doing well .. more down, in the long run. :)

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