Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everything happens for a reason

I know I said I was going to write a Fitbloggin' local Nashville recap but these lovely ladies already did it so I will just link you to theirs - Skinny Emmie and Tippy Toe Diet. I just want to reiterate their sentiments about it being a very laid back group, most of us who just met, but felt like we were are old friends. I hope for those of us in Nashville can continue to do monthly meet-ups, even if it's just to walk, share a meal or whatever!

So, I originally wrote this post to share with you something that I noticed/happened on Monday.

I'm a big believer that all things in life happen for a reason and there are subtle signs that guide you to make the right choice. I know it sounds cheesy - even to me as I write this here in this space, but case in point how I tend to follow my gut and/or signs:

After only eating 280 calories for lunch Monday, I was still hungry an hour later. 280 calories is a far cry from my 400-500 normal lunch intake.

At midday, I was also about 200 calories from where I should be at this time of the day so in my sick little mind this meant I could work in a candy bar from the vending machine and still come in at my 1650 calorie goal for the day.

How many times have I rationalized eating something less than healthy because I have calories "left over"? Thousands.

So I pulled out my $1.25 in cash and headed down to the machine. "a Twix," I thought, "This way I can eat 1 piece before my meeting and 1 after." Walking up to the machine, I notice all the prices have gone up by $0.10. Most items (even the "healthy" animal crackers) are now $1.35. I only brought my $1.25. I stood there for many seconds scanning the machine to see if my $1.25 could buy anything in the machine, desperate for my candy bar fix. Short of a 5 piece pack of gum or some peanut butter crackers, there wasn't.

Sure, I had a dime in my desk I could have grabbed and went back to get my Twix bar, but I took this as an omen that I know I really don't NEED a candy bar even if I DO have 200+ calories to "spare". So I took it as a sign that I shouldn't have the candy bar and went back to my desk.

I often do this. I eat something less than healthy just something just because I "have the calories". I've been conscious about what's gone in my body this week. I'm still getting over my sweet/salty cravings, but I think this week has been light years better over the last several weeks as far as keeping my calorie intake down.

All I can do is be honest with myself about making good choices at each meal and hope that they add up to pounds lost.


Denise said...

I don't know if you have ever been to priorfatgirl Elle's page before, but she had a similar situation happen to her, but it involved a toliet. You should read it for yourself. Hilarious

Andie said...

@Denise - hilarious link - thanks.

Congrats on making the choice - even if you had an assist from the price hike fairy. Maybe you can bank your change & have a double-savings record: money you've saved, and pounds you would have gained/would not have lost if you'd consumed the vending machine snack. [12 Twix = $16.20 = ~3,500 calories = 1 pound]

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