Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I'm singin'

It's the weekend! It's the weekend! (C'mon sing it with me)

The short week brought Friday to us a little sooner and here are two reasons why I'm singing today:

#1 - My Fitbit arrived yesterday! If you weren't paying attention, I won the giveaway Skinny Emmie hosted last week! I set it up last night and I am wearing it today! I'd take a pic, but since it's secretly placed on my bra (right smack between the goods), you all will have to wait till I wear it in a less risque spot. I have to remember I have co-workers and to not randomly stick my hand down my shirt to check my stats.

#2 - Tomorrow is the official Fitbloggin' meetup in Nashville! Several awesome people are driving in for it from up to 4 hours away and I can't wait to hang with all my fitness and health conscious peeps tomorrow! I hope I don't drown in sweat during the run/walk tomorrow morning and scare everyone off with my ability to fill a child's swimming pool with my ability to sweat. Anyway, it should be fun. And if you are in the area and haven't decided to come yet, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more about how you like the Fitbit! I may ask for one for my birthday.

Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

I'm coming to Fitbloggin tomorrow too! And like yourself, I also am a profuse sweater. (I'm for real bringing an extra shirt to change in to after the walk, JUST in case.) So don't sweat being the biggest sweater, because I will take that top prize. :)

marisol said...

Congrats on winning the Fitbit. I hope you'll do a review on it.

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