Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weigh in - officially in 250s

Last Week's Weight - 260.0

This Week's Weight - 259.2

0.8 pounds LOST

70.2 pounds lost since June 2010

Perhaps there is something to be said about dancing and jumping around at a concert because my weigh in was better than expected this morning.

Another not so perfect week, but the scale is still moving in the right direction. Although they have been small losses each week, this is my 6th straight weekly loss. In my book I would rather have it this way instead of losing big one week then gaining the next.

My slow losses are adding up to multiple pounds lost and I am OK with that.

If I can get my rear in gear I could go back to 1-2 lbs losses, I know I can. I just seem to like french fries and doughnuts a lot lately.

Also, a 70 lb loss milestone was hit today and that feels pretty good.

Yesterday was Fitbloggin' Nashville. It was awesome to hang out with several inspiring peeps and it reset my focus a bit. I'll do a recap tonight.

I also put a link at the top of my blog with a schedule of races I intend on participating in during the next 6 months.

Happy Sunday!


Sasha said...

WOOHOO! Congrats! I'm with you - would much rather see steady loss even if it's slow. Have actually started weighing in 3 times (so, 3 mornings in a row), and taking the average, it seems to smooth out the curve a bit.

Big Life, Little Blog said...

Sasha - I weigh myself nearly every morning! I know everyone says not to do this, but it seems to keeps me in check if I have my morning weigh in to think back to when I'm making food choices.

Sometimes it is frustrating when I see a low number one day and then I fluctuate up a few days later, but in the end the number that matters and that I track is what Sunday mornings bring.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Oh, this is awesome! It's two milestones in one!

It was such a treat to meet you this weekend, and I'm glad we didn't derail your progress! :)

Sasha said...

*g* So perhaps I should clarify - I *count* 3 weigh ins. The rest of the week are just bonus :)

marisol said...

Congratulations! You should update your current picture on your blog.

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