Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weigh in - a failed goal

Last week's weight - 260.4

This week's weight - 260.0

0.4 pounds LOST

69.4 pounds lost since June 2010

**DISCLAIMER** I did weigh in after my run (after drinking a bottle of water) since I forgot to weigh before my run in my foggy-just-woke-up stupor. So is this really my weight? Probably not. If I had to guess I'd say I really gained 1-2 pounds this week since I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.

This weigh in also marks the deadline for the goal I've been working towards for the last 6 months - to lose 50 lbs by July 1st. To blatantly put it, I failed. I only lost 40 of the 50 pounds. Obviously, I hate admitting I didn't attain a goal, but I am still moving forward and plan to consider a shorter amount of time between this deadline and the next one to keep me focused.

In any case, I took my measurements. The last time I took my measurements was February. I don't think I ever posted them on the blog, but in any case here are the changes since February:

Arms: -1"
Neck: -1"
Hips: -1.5"
Waist: -1.5"
Thigh: -2"
Under bust: -3"
Natural Waist: -4"

Total inches lost: 14

Any movement on measurements I am happy with. And these make sense with how I have been feeling - lost inches in the middle torso, but still carrying a lot of weigh in my hips and waistline.

New goal coming, until then enjoy your fireworks and BBQ!