Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weigh in + random pictures

Last week's weight - 280.0

This week's weight - 277.4

2.6 pounds LOST

52 pounds lost since June 2010

2+ pounds is a very respectable loss, however, I am left wanting more. Which is just silly, but with my gain last week and the scale showing a 4 lb loss yesterday I was expecting to see that 4 lbs.

I'm considering whether the Powerlift class on Saturday's leaves my muscles retaining fluid on Sunday morning. I don't want to give excuses because I know my eating could have been better this week. There was free frozen yogurt, and overeating sushi and banana bread last night. Oh and almost a whole bar of 75% dark chocolate from a local chocolate company.

Next week I'll miss the Saturday Powerlift class because of the 5K I am doing, so I guess we'll see how next week's weigh in compares to this week's and determine if that is impeding my weigh ins.

I leave you with random pictures from the week.

Blooming flowers - the first sign of spring!

Mmmm chocolate

Friday night dinner - fajitas!

Don't mind the horrible face I am making (I was oxygen deprived), but I needed to
document the most sweaty I've ever been after a workout.

Post haircut


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Love the haircut, you look great!!!

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