Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disney bound + beginning running again

Disney bound!

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know on January 7, 2012 I will complete the Disney World half marathon. It will begin at 5:30 am. I will maintain at least a 16 minute pace per mile (or be kicked off the course). And I will do it with dear friends.

With Warrior Dash in September, this will be my next big half-marathon. Of course I'll continue to do smaller races in the mean time.

The biggest challenge for the Disney race is the time limit. I walked the Mercedes half with a 16:25 pace. I don't see myself getting much faster than that unless I begin jogging. My back problems have prevented much progress.

I've signed up to complete Brad Gansberg's 5K in 100 days program. I hope with some instruction and 35+ lbs lost since I tried running last August, I can overcome this issue. I have a weak back. I know the problem stems from a weak core and I am trying to fix it, but it is no easy feat when you carry the majority of your weight in your midsection. After running a couple 1 minute intervals last week I've also realized I strike too hard on my heels causing my back and hips to absorb the shock. I'm not sure how to correct this.

So running is still scary to me. Remembering all of the injuries I had last summer/fall (2 ankle sprains and the back pain), I'm really insecure about running/jogging causing an injury. All I can do is try again, if I end up with another back injury then I know I am not ready and maybe I need to go see an orthopedic doctor to have it looked at. I've never had imaging on my back, so there could be a slight possibility I have a slipped disk or something else causing the pain.

If you have any advice on running form or preventing low back injury, please, please share!