Monday, March 14, 2011

A fake gain

The scale said 272.4 today.


I know, I know. I'm not supposed to weigh myself everyday. And I don't. But I do weigh myself a couple times a week and especially the day after a gain to see if it was a "real" gain or a "fake" gain.

I'm calling this week's fake. Hopefully, next week's weigh in will show that.

I'm changing my workout schedule a bit this week to accommodate some errands I have to run after work later this week. (The charge port on my 4-month old phone is busted. Lame.) Tonight I will hit the gym for a longer-than-normal work out to make up for days I'll miss this week because of errands and travel.

Monday - gentle yoga and walk 3 miles
Tuesday - Powerlift (same class as my Saturday strength class, but different instructor)
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Walk 3 miles, upper body
Friday - Off
Saturday - Walk 7 miles (or whatever distance suits Stephen since it's his half marathon training)

I'm losing my water aerobics class I normally do once a week, but if we do 7 miles Saturday, I shouldn't be worried.


whoatemyblog said...

We'll do 20 miles to insure there is no fake gain for the week. :-P

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