Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turn that frown upside down

Today was a blah day. Nashville hasn't seen the sunshine in several days, a tight deadline at work had stress levels running high and my eating habits haven't been the best the last 3 days.

This all left me with a blah attitude and I REALLY didn't want to trudge to the gym in the rain.

But I did.

I started off my first mile at my normal 16:30ish pace. Then, I went to 2min/1min intervals of a 4 mph and 3.7 mph pace respectively. For my last mile, I ended up JOGGING five 1-minute intervals. And it felt good!

Around the half-way mark I thought maybe, just maybe I could get a 5K distance at or under 45 minutes. I didn't, but I still I felt so accomplished. I did 3.1 miles in 48:54 or a 15:40 pace, and that also included about a 3-5 minute warm up. So, Thursday I will try again, incorporating a little bit of jogging again.

Also, I have joined 5K in 100 days, too. So as soon as that starts up I'll devote a full blog post to it.

While running I realized I need some compression type pants to keep my stomach flab from flapping around. I think this will help care for my back too.

I also need to be sure to stretch my back out really well after each walk/run session.

Any tips for an overweight runner? Or someone with lower back issues?


Anonymous said...

Check out "You Don't Know Squat". :) I really like the low back video...like 5 exercises that are very easy and effective to do.

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