Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How powerlift almost killed me

I have to admit I'm a bit lost without my 3x per week walking schedule guiding me along in my workouts. Last week during my "recovery" week, I did yoga Monday, water aerobics Wednesday and walked/Powerlift Sunday.

So about Powerlift...

This is the description from the group fitness schedule: "Strength training workout emphasizing toning and muscle definition with high reps; targets every major muscle group."

Simple enough, right?

So Saturday, after taking an easy 4 mile walk, I headed to Powerlift. First of all, I got there later than I wanted to so it was already CROWDED. Walking into a new class when it's already full? Bad news. So, my spot was conveniently in the middle of the room, in the very front, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE INSTRUCTOR. Nerves.

Next, cue the squats. And the overhead presses. And the bicep curls. And the push-ups. And the tricep dips. And what ever other form of medieval torture we performed that day. 40 minutes in I started getting lightheaded, dizzy, the room went white and I had to leave the class. I tried coming back in twice, but both times the same thing would happen as soon as I started to move or lift. I'm not sure I had enough fuel in my body. I only had a banana and granola bar for breakfast and at this point I was on hour 2 of my work out that day with only water to fuel me. Bad choice. So I only made it 40 minutes of the hour long class.

So now, yesterday - and even more so today - I can. not. move. Seriously, it hurt to type and click the computer mouse at work today. It hurt to lift the ceramic coffee cup to my lips this morning. Forget going to the bathroom, I'll just hold it. I was more sore today than I was either of the two days after the half-marathon last week. It's hardcore.

What did I learn though? Well, I learned that strength training is HARD WORK. This isn't a free ride, y'all. So fuel up! Also, I won't be doing any kind of walking before this class again. And the (very nice) instructor says it takes going to the class 3 times to be comfortable with it.

I am not quitting. This class has challenged me as I've never been challenged before and now I must conquer it. So, if you see me hobbling around, don't worry, I've just been working on my fitness.


Miss Lynn said...

Keep on cookin' Superstove . . . keep on cookin' Superstove . . . so proud of your hard work, my friend! :)

Heather said...

SUPERSTOVE!!! You make powerlifting HOT.

Erin said...

I found your blog from RunRollRepeat's and I just had to follow you!

This post reminded me of when I bought one of Jillian Michaels' workout DVDs and thought I could totally handle level 2 on the first try. Yeah, not so much. I literally could not stand up from the toilet without using the towel bar to pull myself. My legs did not work. So, I completely understand your wanting to just hold it. Trust me, it's a much better plan.

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