Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weigh in - an unexplained gain

Last week's weight - 278.6

This week's weight - 280.0

1.4 pounds GAINED

49.4 pounds lost since June 2010

As I watched the scale stay firmly in the 278-279 range and then suddenly creep up late this week, I knew I'd likely see a small gain this morning. I did not expect this large of a gain, however.

The week after large losses (last week was 5.4 lbs) aren't going to be followed by another huge loss, but I expect to at least maintain that loss.

Yes this is frustrating.

As I have solidly for the last 5 months, I tracked every bite and was well within my calorie range every day (1600-1900).

I exercised 6 out of 7 days this week. Yoga, water aerobics (x3), walking (3 miles), upper body strength training, powerlift. I'm considering going back to my 3x a week walking schedule I had for half-marathon training. My body seems to respond well to walking.

So food in check and burned 2,400+ calories this week. Isn't calories out > calories in supposed to be what this weight loss thing is all about? From what I found, not always.

The human body likes to be a stubborn b*tch.

The only thing keeping me sane and preventing me from stomping my foot and breaking down in tears is that over the previous 3 weeks I had lost 11.4 pounds, so I'm still down 10 for the month and right on track to hit my goal of 250 by July 1st.

All I can do is press on. After a gain, it doesn't help to get depressed or give up. Where will that get you? Only a series of gains and before you know it you've gained back everything you've worked hard to lose. I'm a firm believer there are no excuses as to why I am not losing weight each week. If I gain, then there is something to improve. So this is what I am doing to improve this week.

I will float myself with water. 64+ ounces a day minimum. I haven't been drinking enough water.

I will start major walking again. Below will be my workout schedule this week. I'm putting it here so I do it - none of this loosey goosey workout stuff.

Mon - yoga
Tues - walk 3 miles
Wed - yoga (this may be an off day - I have a friend visiting for the night from out of town)
Thurs - walk 3 miles
Fri - water aerobics
Sat - Powerlift
(next) Sun - walk 6 miles

Don't worry about me, I got this.


Traci said...

Bodies are stubborn. Just keep working it like you are, and it will listen! Major props and hugs.

Diana P. said...

Adding weight lifting can make the scale go wonky at first since you're building more muscle. It definitely is frustrating though. Up-weeks are hard, but it's the downward trend that's important! 1 week won't keep you from reaching your goals. :)

Brittany said...

Sorry :( I don't like gains! But we can do this and we will do this!!!! SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL, no matter how long it takes! <3

Unknown said...

I think you're just getting buff. :)

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