Wednesday, February 2, 2011 will make you cry (just thinking about it)

This is the real conversation I just had about Crossfit with my roommate:

KG: Hey there's a crossfit place [near our house]. I'm pretty sure that's how you train for the Warrior Dash.

Me: uhhhhhhhhh I'm scared.

KG: Oh yeah crossfit is scary. Like for real.

Me: [looking at website] There's a coupon for a free week at that place. We should do it.

KG: Oh lordie, I think I would have a mental breakdown. I kinda wanna cry just thinking about it.

Me: "15 Skin The Cats then 200 sit-ups" I dont want to know what skin the cat is.

KG: haha me either!

Me: [Googles 'skin the cat' and finds video]

.... [Watches video] ....

Me: Okay...I don't want to try crossfit anymore.

KG: Fuck that

Me: Um YEAH.


KG said...

ha I don't sound so hardcore here. But seriously. It's scary!

Miss Lynn said...


Unknown said...

Skin the cat!?!

Ali said...

Every time someone mentions CrossFit, I think, yeah, I could try this. Then I watch the videos, and slink back to the exercise bike!!

Big Life, Little Blog said...

Ali, I am totally the same!

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