Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weigh in - Week 35: The half-marathon is here

Last week's weight: 290.0
This week's weight: 285.4

4.6 pounds LOST

44 pounds lost since June 2010

Not much to say except BOOYAH!

I knew with my gain last week this week could turn out exciting. Of course I always wish it was a little more. But I am certainly happy with almost 5 lbs.

Yesterday I did my last long walk for the half marathon a week from TODAY. It's a bit bittersweet that training is coming to a close. Over the last 3 1/2 months, I've pushed myself harder than I previously have, I've hit milestones on the scale (and lost 18 pounds since training began) and I am ready for new challenges.

I definitely plan to continue my long walks on the weekends, but I am also looking towards new fitness goals to push my body further.

This week is technically a rest/taper week, however I will still do my yoga and water aerobic classes and do a couple 2-3 mile walks. I will take Friday and Saturday off in preparation for the Sunday half-marathon.

I'm off to go make some good (some healthy, some not) food for our Super Bowl party. I'm not partial to any particular team, so GO PACKERSTEELERS!!!