Friday, February 11, 2011

Early weigh in and pre race anxiety excitement

Amazing pre-race encouragement from a co-worker.

Last week's weight - 285.4

This week's weight - 284.0

1.4 pounds LOST

45.4 pounds lost since June 2010

I will totally take this number since I had a couple higher than normal calorie days (dang it, snow!) and I was technically "resting" so I only burned 1,400 calories exercising this week vs last week's 4,000.

I'm posting the weigh in for this week a day early because 1) I won't have access to a scale tomorrow and 2) want to focus on the race tomorrow, and not a pesky number on the scale. I am heading to Birmingham today for the Mercedes Half Marathon tomorrow!

I. Am. So. Ready.

I can't wait to get down there, pick up my packet and just chill before the 7 AM race Sunday. It couldn't be a more perfect weekend than I have planned. I'm staying at the closest hotel to the start/finish line (no parking headaches!) and the lovely Jen West over at has invited a group of people doing the race over to her house for dinner tonight and I am so excited to meet her in person. She is the main reason I bought the Carb Lover's Diet book and is just an all around inspiring blogger and person.

I have so much built up excitement from my this week's "rest" week (read: lack of exercise) and just all around pre-race anxiety.

Expect a post-race recap first thing Monday morning! I hope the hotel has free wi-fi in the lobby or I can find a coffee shop to post from.

Wish me luck!


Emmie said...

Awesome pre-race gift!
I'm so excited for you, and know you'll do great. Can't wait to read your recap!

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