Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Challenge: March Health Madness

Working for a large employer does have its benefits. They provide a health and wellness program for faculty and staff. Part of this includes a free employee gym and various challenges throughout the year to promote health and wellness.

If you remember from the holidays, they did Hold the Stuffing. Now, with the March upon us we have a new challenge!

March Health Madness Challenge!

The goal is to complete 23 out of 31 healthy items on the calendar . Everything from incorporating veggies into every meal to taking a meditation break to not adding any additional salt to your food for a whole day.

I am taking the challenge. I will blog about my progress each week and tweet using the #HealthyMarch hashtag.

So, won't you join me on this challenge? I already have a few peeps on board. It's easy to print out the calendar and keep it by your desk at work to check off items as you complete them. Please comment below or tweet me if you want to join in!


Anonymous said...

I'm in! I printed out the calendar, and I'm all ready to go.

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