Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weigh-in this week - just a few days late

I consciously and unconsciously didn't post my weigh in this week.

Meaning, I didn't want to post after I stepped on the scale Sunday morning, but I knew I still needed to in order to stay truthful in the part of this journey I'm in....a really sucky part.

But here it was:

Weight Last Week: 256.4

Weight this week: 258.6

2.2 pounds GAINED this week

Lowest Weight Recorded: 232.2 on 4/22/12

70.8 pounds lost since June 2010

I've been doing better this week on nutrition. I did realize that the dishes I made for meals this week were both high in fat - pulled pork and Philly cheese steak stuffed green peppers (I usually cook 1-2 big dishes that I can eat for lunches and dinner all week). But I've been watching my portions and adding LOTS of veggies alongside them.

When I did my mid-week weight check this week I was at 256.2. Yay! Then I realized I hadn't posted my weigh in this week and decided I should go ahead and do it to hold myself accountable through the weekend. I have three social outings/parties that will have alcohol present this weekend and I'm really going to try and limit myself. I'm laying off the beer and opting for not-as-bloating wine or vodka with club soda.

Last night I revisited my Sparkpeople app and found this:

The last time I logged my weight with SP was 5/12/12 and I was 236. I am exactly 20 lbs over this weight. It's frustrating and hard not to get down on myself that I let these 20+ lbs creep back up. I have been having trouble focusing on the day-to-day choices that add up to equal pounds lost. My normal cycle is I will eat well for 3-4 days and then have a binge day, give up and eat like sh*t for 3-4 days. Although I've lost around 8 lbs of the holiday weight I gained, I'm only doing well maintaining that loss and not continuing to lose.

It's clear I am not going to reach my 20 lbs loss goal by March 31st as I planned. My new goal is to be as close to my pre-holiday weight by losing 12 pounds over the next 6 weeks until the day I leave for the beach on April 26th. 2 lbs a week is very reasonable for me at this point.

Exercise has been good this week, at least from a "getting to the damn gym" perspective. I've worked out every day since Saturday. I'll do yoga tonight and then do some swimming in the morning, and have workouts in all 3 sports planned for over the weekend. I still have 9 weeks until the kick off to my triathlon season with the Cedars of Lebanon mini-Sprint Tri. My goal this year is to do 3 events, culminating in an Intermediate distance Triathlon in August or September.

Gotta stay focused in order to reach that goal.


Unknown said...

That's too bad about this week, but next week will be better. It's hard adjusting your goals. I've had to do that about 1000 times.

Good luck with your new goal! And managing those parties!

Erin said...

I am seriously the same exact way! Easily four days perfect then 4 days of over eating. I need to be on track consisently and then id probably reach my goal easily!

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