Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 1 - Juice Cleanse/Dextox

I've been intrigued by juice cleanses and detoxes for awhile now. When my friend, Betsy, who is launching her raw/vegan food business next month - Reboot Health & Wellness - mentioned she could design a 1.5 day cleanse for me, I decided to take the plunge. Below is the menu and what was sent to me by Betsy prior to starting the cleanse.
All of our juices start with organic fruits and vegetables that are cold

Day 1:
2 glasses of water with lemon
1 sweet greens smoothie (12oz. drink first -:strawberries/blueberries/banana/pineapple maca/hemp/chia/arugula/coconut water)
1 Rehydrating Flush (12 oz): watermelon/cucumber/strawberry/basil 1 Clean Green (12 oz): fennel/celery/cucumber/mint/lemon
2 Sweet Green Juices (24 oz): kale/romaine/cucumber/celery/apple/grapefruit/lemon/ginger (1 for lunch and 1 for dinner)
1 Red Zinger (12 oz): Orange/carrot/beet/ginger

Day 2:
2 glasses of water with lemon
1 2oz wheat grass shot (shoot with lemon wedge)
1 green lemonade 1 sweet greens smoothie 1 lg salad – soft mixed greens for digestion with zucchini hummus as dressing for lunch 
Here is my timestamped journal of yesterday - Day 1 of the cleanse/detox. 

5:30 am - Alarm for spin class went off, snoozed too long, decided to take evening class

6:30 am - Woke up a 2nd time, reset alarm for 7 am and tossed and turned for 30 minutes

6:55 am - got up 5 minutes before alarm, had first cup of room temperature lemon water

7:00 am - Shower, get dressed, and ready for day

7:15 am - Really wanting a cup of coffee, I resist

7:20 am - 2nd glass of lemon water

7:45 am - out the door with 12 oz smoothie in hand - it's delicious!

 12 oz - strawberries, blueberries, banana, pineapple, maca, hemp, chia, arugula, and coconut water

8:00 am - wishing I had coffee during my drive into work

8:20 am - walk into work with about 4 oz of smoothie left

8:35 am - Finish rest of smoothie

8:45-9:30 am - Complaining hardcore to co-workers that I really need coffee. Office mate Megan suggests black coffee. Message Betsy to complain. Take 2 Excedrin Migraine to stave off impending headache.

9:30 am - First bathroom trip

9:35 am - Betsy calls me and talks me off the ledge. Suggests green tea instead.

9:40 am - Feeling better after talking to Betsy, decide to hold off on a hot caffeinated beverage and make warm lemon water

10:23 am - Starting to feel hungry, make 2nd trip to the bathroom

10:30 am - Rehydrating Flush Juice - very refreshing and again delicious!

12 oz - watermelon, cucumber, strawberry, and basil

10:38 am - trying to drink slowly to savor, stomach grumbling

11:10 am - finished Rehydrating Juice 

11:48 am - feeling hungry, munching on some raw almond herb crackers made by Betsy

12:02 pm - trying to hold off on green cleanse juice for lunch until 1 pm

12:25 pm - 3rd bathroom trip 

12:35 pm - stomach physically rumbling 

1:02 pm - started Sweet Green Juice  and refilled 25 oz water bottle for 3rd time. 

12 oz - kale, romaine, cucumber, celery, apple, grapefruit, lemon, and ginger

1:52 pm - finished Sweet Green Juice - Was not a particular fan of this one because of the strong celery flavor of this one.

2:01 pm - 4th bathroom break

2:02 pm - I ask my co-worker (who is also juice fasting), "Can't we just go to Rand and get a green salad?"

2:58 pm - Real hunger is starting to set in.  Trying to wait until 4 pm to have 4th juice.

3:08 pm - Message from Betsy talking me off the ledge: "don't be hard on yourself -be kind today so you can purge" 

4:19 pm - drinking 4th juice - Clean Greens; hunger goes away

12 oz - fennel, celery, cucumber, mint, lemon

4:26 pm - realized I never had that cup of coffee I so badly wanted at 9:30 this morning! Win!

4:45 pm - bathroom again - lost count how many times I've peed today.

5:00 pm - ultimately decide to skip spin. I feel too weak to do such a strenuous workout. Decide to go with co-workers another co-worker's house to visit her and new baby instead. Still not feeling hungry.

7:45 pm - get home and realize I am STARVING. Immediately down the Red Zinger, my favorite so far. Still hungry, so I have my 2nd Sweet Green and last juice of the day. Still feeling hungry. Watch 2 episodes of 'Girls' and some 'Friday Night Lights'.

10 pm - Asleep

3 am - wide awake, starving. 

3:30 am - realize I'm not going back to sleep anytime soon and watch 3 more episodes of 'Friday Night Lights' until it's time to get for work. Have 0.5 a day left of the cleanse.

Check the blog later tonight for the last half-day of the cleanse and my thoughts on it.