Monday, March 18, 2013

Weigh in & Weekly Goals

Weight Last Week: 258.6

Weight this week: 263.4

4.8 pounds GAINED this week

Lowest Weight Recorded: 232.2 on 4/22/12

66 pounds lost since June 2010

I feel ridiculous with this weigh in. I went from 256 earlier in the week (after a 2 lb gain last week), to this all in a matter of two nights out.

It started Friday with sharing bottles of wine and dinner out. But that was nothing compared to Saturday's mess. I can't even list what was consumed because you wouldn't believe it anyway.

This weigh in was Sunday morning, I'm sure I'm up even more today because I ate a whole 12" pizza yesterday. Yep. The pants that were just getting back to fitting normal again last week are too tight today. I feel bloated and angry.

I did get two workouts in that accumulated to 12 miles on the bike, 1.75 miles running, and 650 meters in the pool.

Here's the workout plan for the week:

Today: Rest/Yoga
Tues: Spin
Weds: Run
Thurs: Spin
Fri: Swim
Sat: Bike
Sun: Run/Swim

Although I have 3 dinners out already planned for this week, I have healthy lunches made for the week. My focus is on portion control and drinking enough water.

It's all I can do to not lose my shit this week.


Luanne said...

I keep up with you and your blog every time you post. And I have to say that I'm in the seat behind you on this weight related roller coaster ride. But I wanted to tell you that I am encouraged every time you post because I know I'm not in this alone - that someone else is experiencing the same loss/gain/loss track. I am encouraged to keep at it and not give up because of your honesty and the fact that you don't give up. Thanks -

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