Friday, March 15, 2013

Ironman March Challenge - Week 2 Update

As a reminder, I committed to participate in Caitlin's (from Health Tipping Point) Ironman March Challenge where I will complete the Ironman distances in swimming, biking, and run/walking during the month of March.

You can check out the original Ironman March Challenge post and download the printable training plan on HTP.

So yesterday concluded Week 2. We have 17 days left (including today).

The goal again this week was to swim 872 meters, bike 25.3 miles, and run/walk 6 miles. Plus, I wanted to "catch up" on my biking since I didn't get much in the first week. Well, my body had other plans this is what my week looked like:

March 8-14:
Friday: 2 mile walk/run as part of C210K
Saturday: 1,000 meter swim in 30 minutes. (I was damn impressed I was able to go this far. I'm chalking it up to my new fancy goggles.)
Sunday: 4 mile walk/hike
Monday: Active rest/Gentle Yoga
Tuesday: Spin class - counting as 12 miles (see below)
Wednesday: 1.72 mile walk/run as part of C210K
Thursday: Active rest/Yoga

I was on a roll until I hit the spin class on Tuesday. I knew the class would be hard. Spin is hard. But I love it just the same. I always say that it's the only group exercise class I'll get up at 5:30 AM for. Seriously, you don't see me going to Body Pump at 6 AM do you? :)

So, it was hard. 45 minutes is a lot longer than I've ridden or done cardio for since December. I knew it would wear me out. But I wasn't expecting what happened after I got off the bike to happen - I almost fainted.

I've had the symptoms before - twice to be exact. Once from having an reaction to Penicillin and then a milder version after the Country Music Half Marathon on April 2012.

While we were stretching after our ride, I started to feel dizzy. I tried to shake it off by stopping my stretch to no avail. The room started to get fuzzier, and I started to feel more like crap. I exited the room to find help (I didn't want to make an embarrassing scene in front of the class). And found the staff member overseeing the fitness area. I told him what was happening and he was about as unhelpful as a pile of wet rags. I repeatedly asked for medical assistance/first aid and he repeatedly told me they weren't trained for such incidents. His exact words were "well if you have a cut or need a band-aid or something". REALLY Middle Tennessee YMCA?!! You don't have ONE person in the building at ALL TIMES trained for first response medical care in case one of your members has a heart attack or stroke on the floor? What about if one of those kids that come in after school to play basketball drop from an undiagnosed heart condition? After he left me alone (yes really) to "go try and find someone" I started feeling normal again, so I just went back to the classroom to gather my things and left.

Although I felt tired the rest of the day, I didn't have any other symptoms. The next day while running, I felt a little off so I didn't push myself very hard and did walking intervals for the last half. My intent was to wear the heart rate accessory with my Garmin, but I forgot the watch on the charger Wednesday morning.

Honestly, I was scared to go back to spin. I don't know if it was just the extra histamines in my body from seasonal allergies attacking me post-exercise, if it was low blood sugar, or if there is a more serious issue I need to be concerned about. Bradycardia (when your heart rate drops to below normal levels - usually in the 40s or under) runs in my mom's family - both she and my aunt have been diagnosed with it, but it only presents symptoms for them when their body is under stress. Exercise = stress on the body. It's something I need to get checked out, but I am dragging my feet.

My original plan was to spin Thursday, rest today. Since I didn't want to risk spin again, I did yoga yesterday and gave myself extra rest. Then, I planned to get in the pool this morning (at 6 AM mind you) and I got there and the pool was closed? So frustrating! I realize they probably posted signs for weeks, but since I wasn't planning on swimming during the week this week, I probably didn't pay attention to them. Why don't they send email reminders to the members when parts of the facilities are closed???

So it's been a rocky week that has pushed me further behind on the bike portion of the challenge.

My weekly totals are 1,000 meters swim, 12 mile bike (1 spin class), and 7.72 mile run. My totals overall are 1,250 meters swim, 17 mile bike, and 12.64 miles run.

I don't know if I'll "catch up" on my bike totals. I will try my darnedest if I feel alright at my next spin class (maybe Sunday), but I'm not going to risk my health.

Here's to 17 days and 2,612 meters of swimming, 95 miles of biking, and 13.56 miles of running left!


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you felt that way during spin! I can't believe there was no one there trained in first aid. That seems RIDICULOUS! Is your gym part of a chain? You should write to the corporate level & see if that's supposed to be the case. I would think trainers need to pass a first aid course, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

You are doing great!

As I was losing weight (77 lbs is my best loss thus far), I noticed a few times getting an incredibly faint/nauseous feeling that stayed with me for several minutes each time. I asked 2 doctors about this. My chiro said that when I started my weight loss, I had a large amount of fat on my body, and in that fat tons of excess hormones were stored. As weight is lost, those hormones are shed, and you can feel the effects of it. (He likened it to being pregnant, which I have never been, but that feeling in itself makes me never want to be.) Another dr said she believes that when you are losing so much weight, your body has to constantly regulate your blood pressure, and of course it is a lot more regulating that happens when you lose large amounts of your body weight. That regulation can cause the ill feeling. I don't know if either of these things were the reason for those horrible feelings, but they both seem like they are plausible reasons. I thought I would pass them along as food for thought. If you go to the dr about this, I would be interested to hear what they tell you as well.

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