Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weigh in - Keep on rollin'

Last Week's weight - 236.6

This Week's weight - 234.2

2.4 lbs LOST

95.2 lbs lost since June 2010

Not sure where that 233 number came from a couple weeks ago, but it seems like I can't get back there. In reality, the 2 lbs is fine because at least I still feel like it's moving in the right direction. Though, I know I could have had more self-control and tracked better this week so I Linkthink that's why the number can be a little disappointing to me.

On the plus-side, the weekend was full of some NSVs, which I'll post about this week so I can't go too Debbie Downer.

House Challenge Check-in

This brings the week 3 totals to the following. These are cumulative, week-over-week results.

My Percentage of Weight Loss - 4.9% (12 pounds)

KG's Percentage of Weight Loss - 7.7% (13 pounds)

Still kicking my ass...Three weeks for her to hopefully screw up and for me to catch up.


marisol said...

Great job! 12 pounds in 3 weeks is awesome. Woot!

Sorry KG but I'm rootin' for Emily.

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