Friday, April 27, 2012

House Challenge Final Results

KG and I in New Oreleans NYE '08

Six weeks ago KG proposed a challenge. Basically we had 6 weeks left of our half marathon training and we both felt like food goblins had been taking over our weighloss efforts despite logging double digit miles each week.
We decided the winner would be whomever could lose the highest percentage of weight loss in 6 weeks.

The Results

My Percentage of Weight Loss - 6% (15 pounds)
[editor's note: since KG has been weighing in on whole numbers and my scale tracks tenths of lbs, I rounded mine up to 246.6/247 starting weight and 14.6/15 lbs lost] 

KG's Percentage of Weight Loss - 10% (17 pounds)

There wasn't even question going into this week who would prevail. If this was the Biggest Loser Ranch, I'd be going home. Am I mad that I let someone who only had 10% of her body weight to lose in the first place beat me? Hell yeah, it sucks because if I had been more diligent, I could have at least given her a run for her money. BUT what's important here is over 6 weeks I lost 15 lbs, which is an average of 2.5 per week.

I feel like the challenge got me back on track somewhat and hopefully I can take this and continue to lose. Now we can focus on this race tomorrow! Hurrah!


Unknown said...

15 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! You both did a great job.

KG said...

I think this challenge was what we both needed! And now to celebrate it ending by running 13 miles and eating an onion ring tower of victory!! ;)

marisol said...

Both of you should be very proud! Look how much closer you are to the 100 pound mark. I think this challenge definitely helped & motivated you. Way to go!

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