Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Hump Day Thoughts

One of the bloggers I follow - In this wonderful life... - does a "Midweek Randoms" post every Wednesday. I always have a lot of random thoughts that I think "oh I should post that to the blog" but I never get around to it, or they aren't really important enough thoughts for a whole post. We'll try this and see where it goes.

I just got this email for WDW Marathon Weekend 2013 registration. I want to go back. Badly. Every time I see one of those Disney Vacation commercials, I get a little giddy and a lot nostalgic. Marathon weekend doesn't work with my schedule this year, but I'm hoping the Princess half might?

I'm still 90% sure I'll be doing the Seattle Rock n Roll half on June 23rd. I'll already be there through Friday for a conference, so why not? Who says I'm addicted to racing?

Speaking of races, we are exactly 11 days out from the Country Music half. This is the point in the taper where I start to be a worry wart about hurting myself. I don't try any new activities and I've always convince myself that I am going to fall down and break something making me unable to race. I keep feeling like I have a twinge of a pain in my right ankle. Am I imagining this because of my worry wartness? I'm trying to take it easy and have slowed down my pace on my last few runs. Hopefully it's nothing.

Oh and here's the weather forecast for the day before the race. All I can hope is that Saturday is cloudy. 83 degrees? I might die. Again.

On a happier note, my scale said 235 this morning. Wooo-freaking-hooo!

I still haven't started officially training for the Tri yet. I don't know what my problem is, but I need to establish a new schedule to incorporate swim and biking. Oh, and I still haven't found a swimsuit. I think my new business venture is going to be designing swimwear for long torso-ed plus size girls that don't want to show off their back fat in a criss-cross backed swimsuit. thanksfornothing SPEEDO! Sigh.

Still trying to trudge through my '5 Things' list each day. Monday was a pretty good success. But I'd give yesterday an F. Perhaps today I can get myself back to average with a C.

That's enough randomness for today - off to get some of those items checked off my '5 Things' list!


Emily said...

My friend and I have committed to training for the Princess half next year. We've never even run a full 5k, (I did just walk my first one though) :/ I'm a bit nervous, but really just super excited. If running 13.1 miles is the way I get to go back to Disney, by golly I'll be running those miles! I LOVE Disney :)

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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