Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weigh in and Challenge Check-in

Last Week's weight - 233.6

This Week's weight - 236.6

3 lbs GAINED

92.8 lbs lost since June 2010

As told in my post earlier this week, I was showing a 3 lb gain mid-week. I went from 233 on Sunday, to 236 on Wednesday (for no reason), back down to 234 on Friday, and then yesterday I pretty much gave up, ate everything in sight, and ended the week back up 3 lbs. So mad at myself.

It also didn't help that my workouts were dismal this week despite starting off the week with a 45 minute bike ride on Sunday., Monday and Tuesday were fine. Then, I got new shoes with inserts on Wednesday so my run Thursday was bad, bad, bad and fearing I injured myself by trying to run straight off in my new inserts (plus laziness), I pushed my run to today.

Excuses...all of it.

Trying to remain focused and just moving on from this. That's all I can do.

House Challenge Check-in

This brings the week 3 totals to the following. These are cumulative, week-over-week results.

My Percentage of Weight Loss - 3.9% (9.6 pounds)

KG's Percentage of Weight Loss - 6.5% (11 pounds)

She's kicking my ass. The end.


Anonymous said...

As we discussed last night- it's still anyone's onion rings! Er game! I better not fall off the wagon or you will run me over!

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